This is not the first time I feature my girl Destiny around here, (yes how awesome is her name?!) but I'm almost sure last time I did was under her past kunty-reina del barrio-banjee posh princess persona Wavy Spice. But like all good artists, whenever a movement or a certain aesthetic they go by gets all of a sudden over-burnt, they feel like it's time to re-invent and step up the game into a new NEW.

Destiny now goes by Princess Nokia. A name that allows her to have more freedom within her music about her very wide personal taste. Princess Nokia still has all of the powers the afro-latina and cut throat rapping Wavy Spice did, but she also has a darker, geekier and more emotional side to her. On her new video and song "Dragons" we see a ground that she very well prepared us with Butterfly Knife Prequel, Vicki Gotti and the explosive Versace Hottie.

This new ground is cute, supernatural and weird, it's gamer romance, it's anime reminiscent and being pleasantly stuck in teenage but with a very timeless sound at the same time. The whole video fascinates me because you could place it anywhere from New York to Tokyo or even a dark cool and underground Latin America. And if you're wondering why the stomach butterflies all of a sudden? it's cause the romance is real; formal boyfriend Wiki Morales is the one video gaming, reading comics and drinking while showering with her all along.

I don't think I ever made this clear around here but when I went form HHHOLY to Holy Spice (transition which I did with her blessing!) on my previous makeover phase, a big part of the meaning behind it was an hommage to Destiny and everything she stands for. She's made me feel so proud of being a weird sassy and empowered Latin American going about the world like we own this.


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  2. Ok so I've been frequenting your Me section, just to listen to Fightin' over me, thanks for making me fall in love that song.