photos by Cédric.

Resolutions were made to be broken; just like fortune cookies and pocket mirrors.

These Crowne Plaza mirrors on the other hand were made for you, me, us not to walk out that lobby looking like a hot Parisian mess. They're perfect, huge, well lighten and they're right beside the elevators so no detours are needed to be done on your way out.

I can say I've worn this Celinesque lumber shirt for half a holiday season last december! I mean it's not only about the infamous laundry bag plaid resemblance that miss Philo has made now so viral, but also about these colors; they trully cheered my Xmas and brighten them dark winter days up. And since such days are unfortunately anything but gone yet, I'll keep on wearing it or at least hope to find an even better one.

Now, THE BAG. Metal handle, cube format, YES. How adorable but evil can a bag be at the same time?! I've always had this weakness for tiny (actually useless) handbags...the kind that holds iPhones, credit cards and lipgloss only. Unfortunately they're always way too petit, delicate and femenine looking for me to pull off but this one just had my name written all over it. Found at what I think it's now my favorite vintage shop EVER in Antwerp, for a very reasonable price I finally have that one perfect VIP things-bag I've looked for so long.

At the moment I'm obsessed with everything that Fairuza Balk wore on "Almost Famous" and I have a new twitter account. So if you used to follow me, please do so again. I needed to get rid of a lot of poo I talked this past year and I also felt like most of my ex-followers were lazy hanging lurkers with no interaction skills...I'm generalising shamelessly now of course. Or maybe I did talk a lot of shit no one really cared about! in any case, whatever it is, you can always tell me, ask, snapchat, PM me, anything me! I love reading anything you have to say so please HOLLER!

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