Courtney Love's LOVE ON LOVE is as I said, the second best thing to happen online for our generation's lost hope on love after IMBOYCRAZY.COM.

Although there's only 2 episodes out and each lasts around five minutes only, Love is shown in front of her computer adressing live questions from fans via skype about all things love! 

Her answers can be very long and substantial or very short and shocking, but either way I think it was around fucking time we heard Courtney talking to the cameras about somethingelse than her troubled past, drugs and relationship with the most gorgeous rockstar that ever lived. But maybe it's because of that same reason that she has such a wise side to her and it's only lovely to see her clean, on top of her game, still making music and giving back to the fans! even if it's only 5 minutes!

So if you are a fan, you will defo have a laugh and hit that subscribe button! but if you're not and you have never been able to handle even 5 minutes of a Courtney Love's rant on anything then you should skip this post...or maybe you shouldn't?! and become a fan right after this post? or do whatever you want to be honest, your loss anyway.

As a bonus: two of my favorite late pictures of Courtney keeping rock alive.

By Francesco Carrozzini for Interview Russia november 2013.

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  1. YES I commented on her first hangout video i think with like 'cant wait for courtney to start commenting sassy shit on artists videos, welcome to the internet' because she commented on Lordes full album video on youtube praising her, and she replied to be with 'yes i know its going to be so fun' i died