So video starts with what sounds like a lil shady chit chat in between gay boys shredding someone's wig to pieces. Which is, a very good start for any music video of course! cause there is no time nor tolerance for messy wigs!

Beat hits, and then you hear HIM, without seeing him. Then the voice fools you to think there's a straight dope rapper behind all of it which makes you wonder, why the shade?? but then you see HIM and you HEAR HIM at the same time and you go like WAIT WHAT?! what just hit me?! and after that it's only a matter of seconds for your mind (if you're smart) to make the needed connections to realize you're watching something ve-ry special. In my case this was exactly what both my ears and eyes needed at the moment. Shoutouts to Princess Nokia for enlightening me with the future!

I decided to dedicate a whole post to Jay Boogie because I love how effortlessly he floated throughout the whole song. The flow is calm and clear but hard and kunty at the same time. Outfits, make-up, hair and nails are on point but nothing is set to be a screaming statement. Something that's been trully refreshing to my eyes right now mostly coming from a gay rapper, NO SHADE!

But I'm not gonna be the one saying he's good because "he sounds like a straight male rapper"...that would be trully unfair. but I will clarify that this proves ONCE MORE that rap is not something that straight black men only specifically do. I'm glad we live in times when there's a little something for everybody; for the boys into gay rappers, for the girls into girl rappers, but for the girls and boys (no matter straight or gay) into all kinds rappers! And although I know the rap and music scene in general is still ruled by men mostly, I'm glad again there's so many minorities speaking up and saying WE'RE HERE AND NOT GOING ANYWHERE, SO EAT IT.

Hope you enjoy the video and music as much as I did and shoutouts to Jay too! much love to you boo! can't wait to see you pop more of these.


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