Photos by Boris Postma.
Models: Dieudonnee and Maurits @ Rocket Garage 
Make up & hair: Frances Krol
Styling by moi!

In exclusive for Elsewhere zine #02 - RIOT issue.

I guess by knowing the issue's subject was RIOT there's not much left to explain right? except the fact that maybe I'll think twice before tying and taping models faces next time with non skin-friendly materials, woops!

It was good to finally be able to work with Boris since we're good friends and he made it to my new years resolution list of "talented photographer friends I need to work with already". And although this shoot was based on a concept and vision which is more close to his world and aesthetic than mine, there's still plans of getting together again to create a new story that fits both of our worlds.

As for now I'm happy to have stepped out of my comfort zone and have created that one picture of Dieudonnee (another awesome name) where she looks like jLo's daughter running away with a brand new pair of sneakers from the mall in an ostrich feather bra, black grape earrings and Moncler jacket!

for more of my styling stunts click here! x

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  1. I fucking love this, ur truly a man with a vision congrats mate :)