photos by Meinke Klein.
styled by Phoebe Arnolds.

Just another story that draws a smile on my face; the attitude, the name, the clothes, THE BOYS!

The wonder duo Meinke Klein are one of the few around here that can deliver time after time such joyful and effortless productions at the same high end level than everyone else and even higher. Like all PROs, they just make it all look so easy.

But my hat goes off to Phoebe too as her styling for this shoot is so on my lane it only makes me feel and think like DAMN! why didn't _I_ come up with this! I love the latino-fied thing going on with the braids, hip hop chain and sunglasses as well as the cowboys, the torero air, 70's shimmer, moustaches and stoner white boy look.

This is just another reminder of the usual january-february sudden crave for spring and summer every year! by this time we're all done with layering, the comfy cocoon-like coats and rather start losing them clothes than keep on covering up; even if that would mean catching the meanest cold ever. Fake summer till you make it summer.

And as last but most deff not least, I leave you to TRUST's new song to match the level of Meinke Klein's steaminess.

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