Photos by Lara Verheijden
Styling by moi! 

In exclusive for Contributor magazine.

Lara had always been one of my favorite stylists around here, and not only because of the things she usually dares to do within her aesthetic, but also because her vision goes so much beyond styling that she has recently had to start making her own photoshoots. When she invited me to jump into this Miami, new money, bimbo fatale story I didn't think twice before saying yes; it was something so on my lane that it was only destined to be shameless-perfect and a lot of fun!

Fusing 2 power stylists' opinions and visions onto 1 aesthetic and story was quite something though. But the hustle of it all made it only more exciting to jump from one look or picture to the other. After wrapping MIAMI MAMI up Lara and I were nothing less than inspired to keep on working together, so I hope to be able to show you all more of this around here!

Special thanks to Suke Suke vintage and PS Depot Deluxe!

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  1. this is so good.... the photos are amazing.