photo by Carlijn Jacobs.
Daan at 77 Models.
Hair & Grooming Britt Williams.
outfit by Maison de Faux.

Just a small, juicy and ice cool preview of the shoot I did with Carlijn for Dreck magazine last monday. This month has been sort of my styling month for which I'm oh SO grateful and happy about because it's something I truly love to do. I hope to have official previews of the other two shoots soon!

Working with Carlijn was so easy and joyful it was almost scary. Sort of like when everything goes smoothly and you start to wonder when the earthquake will crack, but it never did *knocks on wood*. I loved finally getting my hands on some of my favorite Maison de Faux outfits too as I had fantasized about styling them ever since their debut show last Amsterdam fashion week.

On other news, my world is all about LINDSAY the Oprah docu series, The Canyons, Sven Weisemann and Spooky black here below at the moment. Spooky's mixtape BLACK SILK (omg name) is a nice substitute for the few melancholic alternative R&B songs Sukmeqilme once did and never continued making. I honestly needed more of that and God answered my prayers.

Also, Justin Oshea came to visit my boss last week and I didn't know what to do with myself with him in the same room. Though I have to admit he WAS sort of bigger, wider and taller in my dreams. Just a nice viking format you know?

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  1. I love that product on him. The styling is so perfect, aesthetically unique. Makes me think of the similar use of denim at Faustine Steinmetz.