All collages by Doug Abraham for BESS.

BESS is a NYC-based store with one of the best Instagram presences on my following list.

This is just a small selection of my personal favorites and most recent BESS collages. All images on their account are so good as a whole and make so much sense with what the store is all about without actually displaying anything from their recent collection.

I don't know if this is one of those stores you hear about and your fantasy of it ends up being too much of a high expectation? but according to their ABOUT US, the clash of two extremely opposite worlds within the same space might just be something I would have really liked to experience.

BESS began as a fine jewelry line by Doug. As Doug establishes his store years later after starting, he decides to expand and to join forces with Keith Haring's historic former Pop Shop; the place where both victorian apparel, antique dolls, AND vintage punk studded leather clothing collided. 

And although I've been reading the store dropped the whole odd ball clash and carried on with only punk-rock studded-everything, a trip to BESS in New York City must be a journey from the 19th century romantic to the post-punk to goth-grunge BESS experience.

For more kinky and fetish collage craze, look Doug up on IG @bessnyc4.

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