I'm not gonna lie and I also have that icky feeling when it comes to h&m collaborations. You just never know what the actual purpose to them really is, if exposure, or money, or the opportunity to be able to have anything Wang for a down to earth price, or maybe all of the above?

In any case I guess it's a win win situation for all. For Alex's exposure, his reach to a whole new crowd, for h&m for having him on board, and for the people who love his vision but usually would have to decide in between buying a sick pair of Wang heels or pay rent.

At the end of the day, we shouldn't really think about it too much nor try to analyse it as if it was the end of Alex's cool street credit or not. Just lighten up and look at the brightside: he might have something lovely in store for you and you will actually be able to afford it.

I'm hoping and praying for him to make some sort of BEST OF collection with some of those S/S 12 colorful motocross-inspired pieces included or just anything terror-sport-chic. But if it will be just a new concept, then I hope for BAGS! either cute useless small and adorable handbags for girls or unisex IT backpacks....chokers and sheer cotton t-shirts wouldn't be bad either! can't wait for the campaigns to be out!

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