photos by Patrick van Dam.

Okay so these pictures are no news and they've been around since 2011 if google is right. But I'm loving how frivolously dutch Playboy photographer Patrick van Dam broke the perfect lusty male (maybe even female?) illusion of these perfectly sculpted women.

And this post is not even about him or playboy or soft porn BUT about how lately, the more I find out how things really work in worlds I looked up to, the more disappointed I get and the MORE I think to myself: damn I could rock this so much better.

So yes, pun intended and if the glove fits try it on.

That being said, I leave you to one of my 2 favorite songs at the moment. Shayna aka JUNGLEPUSSY stepped her flow up to the fucking MAX! on Satisfaction Guaranteed. I LOVE THIS WOMAN! yung calypso with the weave or genie in a bottle of Malibú as she describes herself on this lusty delish song. Hope u twerk as hard as I have on it!

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