Just a few of my many favorite moments of the show.

With every year that went by while I was at school, I could honestly not be bothered to know what the rest of fashion students all around the country were up to at the end of their school year. Simply because I had probably been working just as hard as them and needed some time off from carefully thought of pieces of clothing. This year on the other hand, I'm fully charged energy-wise, I got time and my eyes are hungry for the now and new.

Last sunday it was the Rietveld kids' turn to show what their fashion year had been all about.

The venue was an immense and completely stripped down loft-like space with huge round pillars everywhere. The simplicity of the show's components made it even more impressive and gave it a really pleasant effortless feeling to it all. The usually handed out magazine which came in a newspaper format this year had 2 disposable posters (how very lovely and teen-mag of them!) and it was a calm-easy-to-read publication but informative in the right amount, so it went something like: designer's name, text about collection/him/her, picture and on to the next one...perfect right?

As the show starts it was clear why Rietveld has always been known for putting up a good contemporary show. A half-cut mannequin doll dressed in a draped red dress was placed onto a mirror made look like she was coming out of it, driven by a girl behind it, it was the perfect opening for what we were about to experience. The music throughout the whole show was like one extremely extense song. It was mixed in such way so that each designer showing could translate the vibes they wanted the crowd to feel, but still seem like the show was one big fashion performance under the same music, so: same but subliminally different.

Unfortunately for the 1st and 2nd year students, their names were not mentioned neither on paper or projected during the show which I thought was a pitty AND sad for them, but they seemed to be okay with this so I guess it's alright. In a way it's kind of nice to have the show be really about the graduates, and let the younger students go full blast on experimenting their creativity anonimously.

As for the graduates, I could write a whole post for each of them since all collections had very special vibes, amazing textile treatments and a lot of attitude. But for now let's just say I LOVED Klara Valkova's (womenswear) collection, Marcel Kropfl (menswear) and Tijme Veldt's (mixed).

Want to find out why? then you had to be there, but because you probably weren't, you can watch the livestream recap HERE!

And this is me, then....like jLo once said.

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