photo by Cedric.

Lately I've been missing getting crafty with my hands.

Being out and free of school is one thing, but not having asignments nor the pressure to be creative on paper is another. Funny how responsability and deadlines can feel so repulsive at times but there IS something really joyful about seeing the outcome of one's regular creative output.

This collage represents the exact mix of colors and textures that I'm channeling this summer.  Some layering is visible too as it will always be something I enjoy doing so much while getting dressed up; it's not always really practical or comfy though! mostly in summer when all you want to do is be half naked outdoors and your outfit consists of two pairs of shirts and shorts layered over each other.

But we still do it, cause sometimes that tiny little flap of fabric peaking out your shorts/shirt/sleeve can make the absolute divine difference. But careful! there's a difference between effortless layering and tragic over-dressed and sweaty summer look.

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