photos by Cédric.

One of those outfits you literally go "All Out" with. Like I said before, there's no better feeling than being half naked when the sun is full on shining and burning that Vitamin D through our skin. It was fun to not have to think of how to wear this set but to have the main issue be: UNDERWEAR. 

I mean, sure there's lots of fun ways of wearing each piece separate or to still wear them together with black or white cotton undergarments, (yes, specifically COTTON, the only type of organza you want on your bare skin is 100% silk) but let's be honest, crashing that beach party, or that BBQ you weren't invited to in nothingelse than your swimwear underneath an outfit like this doesn't seem like a bad idea right?!...and if it does at least admit it, it crossed your mind.

HUGE wet kiss to Schoon & Den Boer for the look!

Last night the ArtEZ fashion department students and graduates of 2014 knocked us off our chairs once again! I was really looking forwards to falling in love with a specific designer/collection/piece or even soundtrack this year, and boy did I fall hard!. Styling-wise it will be awesome as well to have first hand on fresh off the runway material to shoot.

And now I leave you to a song that instead of knocking you off your chair, it will hopefully lift you up from it in a split second:

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