Last month an invitation to HUB's 10th year anniversary party at the Caballero factory (only a few blocks away from my house), proved once again that I'm living in The Hague's most creative and upcoming neighborhood. It was really exciting to be able to be part of HUB's exhibition/party since my good old friend Marije de Haan was one of the latest designers to collaborate with the brand. Marije's strongly masculine but yet sublte menswear signature seemed to me like the perfect cherry on top to HUB's footwear.

The imagery within the space about the brand's world was very well explained from: shoes displayed everywhere on clean white pillars with explanatory posters behind, to bare shoe soles shown as abstract art items; Big screens with interesting promo videos about HUB's crowd, world and style were also to be found, everything made perfect sense.

Entertainment wise there was nothing we missed that day either. A generous open bar after the show had everyone having a good time outside by the water while the rest of us had a bite inside; these delicious snacks were to be found anywhere from tables to handsome kids giving them out within the crowd. As all this hapenned, two boys took over the main stage and with their jamming guitars they warmed the afternoon up for the big party later on. 

Sunset time was quite a moment too! the Caballero factory slowly went from that edgy well lighten industrial paradise back to the cool abandoned place with huge machines that made amazing shadows everywhere.

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