1. Maison de Faux - Make a U-turn if Possible
2. David Laport backstage (shot by Team Peter Stigter)

Amsterdam's Fashion Week is around again! and yesterday My dear dears at Maison de Faux and David Laport showed us what they had in store for us this season. It was a very special day for the two upcoming houses, which with only a few collections further from their graduation dates, have kept the crowds hungrier to know which step will they be taking next.

The Laport show took place earlier in the afternoon. As I actually had some inside scoop over the collection from David himself a few weeks before the show, I was trying not to spill any of the vital details to anyone, and trying to put all the pieces together in my imagination to get ready for what I was about to presence. His first face walks down the runway, and as the rest of the looks follow, I realize the Laport girl had grown up. Bold use of bright primary colors lightened up the pattern in between the transparent fabrics and layers of black in each outfit. Pleats where to be found! but in a way more subtle way than before and to be spotted at second or third sight. Textiles got richer as he had a new take on fishnet with irregular holes and even a feather-like nylon came through adding a lot of softness to all outfits which were very feminine but very strict at the same time.

The night came setting in and the line outside Maison de Faux was long and hyped up. From the moment we were welcomed in their show space, dimmed colorful lights shined on three half naked and wet singers who welcomed us all with hysterical chants that went from uncontrollable laughter to even tears at times. The three of them stood in the middle of what seemed like the Garden of Maison de Faux's Eden. Plastic horses that spat water into a pond gave me the feeling that this garden, might be the one I'd like to get lost in. The show starts and the chants only get louder, scarier and funnier. Look after look, I just wanted the models to stop or walk slower to be able to have a better look at each layer carefully. Half tied-up bikini tops on guys as necklaces, heavily crystal embroidered lace tops, roughly and randomly cut edges, overalls with open side-seams, rich colorful weavings and thick leather tops that pretended to be soft cotton oxford shirts made all part of the tastiest visual details in my favorite outfits. This whole show, from performance, to styling, vibe and presentation really came acrosss as a the pleasant slap in the face that Amsterdam needed this season.

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