So this is me at the beginning of my Melt festival trip.

Still fresh, still sharp, energetic, with clean soft hair and clothes, shaved, smelling good...etc etc you get the point! and although the ending of this whole experience looked completely the opposite from this, (which is probably why I don't have an "after" picture) I'm still so sad it ended. Those three days, surrounded by beautiful loving people, with no responabilities nor worries but thinking about what you'll wear to the parties that night and whether you will be having a veggie cheese burger or a big ass Handbrotzeit for dinner, were total bliss. So I miss my Melt family and every minute spent there with them. But summer ain't done yet and with festivals popping up every minute like newsletters I guess a reunion will be more than easy to plan.

ACTRESS, Omar Souleyman, Portishead, Nod One's Head, Brodinsky, Son Lux and almost all DJ's at the sleepless stage were true highlights of my whole festival experience; if you get the chance to see any of these live, please DO. I missed the Robyn x Royksopp 2 hours performance though, as well as HAIM so I'm still trying to forgive myself for this stupidity. But when sun's shining those 34 degrees over your head and tent, it's kinda easy to deprioritize what truly matters for an afternoon swim in the lake.

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