First of all, excuses for my photoshop skills lol.

The men fashion weeks went by once again and London had me gasping for air. These six designers specially captured everything I want to be, look like and why not, see down the streets...maybe I'm a little delusional on the last one but dreaming costs nothing. I could say I'm really enjoying the turn men's fashion has slowly taken these last few years. I mean, let's be honest and I've never been the most sartorial type so for all these very contemporary-flirty collections to start reproducing themselves like spring bunnies does very well to my eyes.

1. Craig Green had a really beautiful wave of blues changing tones subtlely from one look to the other. The mix of samurai and guru looks was perfect, going from the tighter more fitted ones, to a bigger and slouchier shape which ended up in very strict quilted panels. Not sure about the flaggy situations...

2. Alexander McQueen. Just really loved the random placement of the paint brush-like colorful strokes of color.

3. James Long. Love this James boy Long time. The confetti knits were my favorites together with the white and blue denim pieces which at some point started looking a little diseased with rainbow band-aids.

4. Christopher Shannon gave me one of the things I love most on clothes: CUT OUTS! and very randomly placed ones! in colorful frames! god knows he even threw a couple of zippers in there for me. I'm so DIY-ing one of these pieces this summer.

5. JW ANDERSON. One of those collections you'd like to have entirely delivered home right after the show. His casting is alwasy so immaculate, then he comes up yet AGAIN with an amazing shoe. Which this time was some sort of chunky, almost overweight loafer with a drapey knot situation...so so good. the cleavage knits, shirt-robes and landscape tops really called out my name.

6. MAN. perfect pieces for those perfect parties and gallery openings where no one was really expecting you. SURPRISE! a round of applause to the show stylist for making each outfit almost sculpture-perfect in it's layering.

AND BECAUSE I'M GENEROUS, let's talk about my other faves in Milan and Paris:

Valentino: history book animals, wild flowers and butterfly illustrations embroidered all over, cuteness overload.
Saint Laurent: embroidered jeans, amulets, snakeskin boots...check, check, check!
Rick Owens: FOR ONCE non-drapey and boxy pieces, He even got kinky with body paint and dirty pinks, baby blues, olive greens and mustard yellows. SHOE WAS EVERYTHING.
Raf Simons: the one-tone sets with the "RS" patches were king. landscape knits show up again! sorry JW ANDERSON....and as for my next spring's footwear, it will all come from this collection.
Jil Sander: I just really liked their lookbook and the platform sneakers on the first look.
Dolce & Gabbana, one word: TORERO.
Dior Homme: denim with what seemed like hand-written letters all over them make up for a very relevant spring/summer 2014 DIY. 
Comme des Garçons: CHUNTARO BOOTS! although Tim Blanks called them out to be "Krakow" boots from the late 14th century in Europe. For me these are just Chuntarito mexican boots straight outta Monterrey no matter what Rei nor Tim say...I mean there was even leopard print on some of the first looks, duh.
Carven: so fresh 'n so clean. Perfect day wear, another collection that could be shipped straight into my wardrobe.


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