wearing Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, Gap sleeveless denim shirt, Prada jacket, thrifted shorts, market espadrilles.

photos by Cédric.

As you can see, although the weather in The Netherlands has been relatively good lately, every third or fourth day in a week we have days in which, even wearing a chocolatey full leather Prada jacket on a chilly afternoon is possible. A styling dream, but a total summer low blow.

This same day one year ago, me and an army of friends were on our way to MELT festival in Germany. Fortunately for all of us, that moment is here again! tents are still not my favorite places to live from and sleep in but everything else apart from that is something I truly wanted to relive. Now, as I make a come back to the city on monday probably with 30 hangovers above my head, I will only have one day to recover before going back to work. But thank god the fun doesn't stop there because by friday I will be leaving the city again heading to the south of Spain with the in-laws and sweet boyfriend.

So, I never thought I would say this, but no Prada for me these upcoming weeks! and if any of you know where I can find well fitting, light but powerful human batteries, you better hook me up!