All photos taken from skltn-m

My dear cyber friend Marcus Branch is the mind and heart behind skltn-m. It must have been around two years ago when I first laid eyes on Marcus' blog through one of the kindest and honest comments someone ever left on my blog yet. Sometimes people are interested on what you're wearing, or they love the way your pictures were taken, or they even might be into the way you talked about a certain subject; but Marcus is one of the few who's able to see through the different layers in a post, make the right connections and understand how everything in the mix makes sense together. Like this, Marcus and I began a mutual following pattern which was not hard to keep up. I've been so curious ever since for what he's coming up with next and what he will be wearing while at it. 

Today, skltn-m is: a printed publication, a home for expression, and a visual catalogue where the visual clashes and connects with internal beauty and emotional dialogues. His sections Visual Diary and Self for example are two platforms I can very much relate to; on Self he reflects on outfits according to what's going on in his life and what his state of mind is; and on Visual Diary he's given a platform to all mundane things and moments as well as beautiful people around him by photographing them in a highly aesthetic way.

A preview from skltn-m, the magazine's first issue ever, is already out for all of us to sneak peak into it.

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    your words are as empowering as they are humbling. thank you, honestly. i'm very, very grateful to have you in my supporting corner.