photos by Cédric.

Although I'm in Spain already, these are some of the moments at our one day and night pit stop stay in Montpellier, south of France; because more than 8 hours straight in a car has never been good for anyone's butt. The constant and intense sunshine has done wonders with my body and state of mind as well as having limited periods of internet to check only the necessary...room service and a casual mermaid appearances at our pool haven't been bad either! A clearer imagination and change of scenery have created a lot of extra space for brighter ideas, so much that I've started to obsessively make lists of TO DO lists. One way or the other I find myself having so much fun and being so inspired that I have stopped to live in the moment to document what I'll do with the present in a near future. But I guess if keeping the balance in between soaking up the present and fantasizing about my sparkly future plans is my only worry at the moment, I'm a lucky bastard.

The barbwire tat on my forearm is my new baby! and is my graduation ink, standing for the four years I recently spent at the art academy. On my graduation collection I used a single barbwire with four spikes as a print, but it was only months after school was done that I realized I had no clue what barbwire stood for. As I looked it up I found out that when convicts get a barbwire tattoo, each spike stands for a year spent in prison. That being said, I thought this would be the perfect closure for four beautiful but challenging years of blood, tears and sweat.

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