/LFILE No. 13 by my adorably talented sis Lucciana.

With almost tears in my eyes and a full knot in my throat, I've just revisited our MELT festival 2014 experience by hitting replay several times and I think I'm on to hit it a couple more times after I'm done writing this. It's almost silly how these three days on a campside, with only a few hours of sleep per day and under crazy temperatures can generate so many butterflies in one's stomach through memories.

For the same reason we woke up every morning all hangover thinking: "How will I ever get through today?" I remember to have kept on repeating to myself: "enjoy each second" because it was all truly over before we knew it.

And although it still feels heavily sad for it to be over again, this video right here is still us, all those moments are still ours and they will be forever.

Thanks to Lucci for the revival and to everyone in this video:


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