I HAD to get on this one!

So Grimes signs with Jay Z's Roc Nation and pops THIS!!!! rumour had it around me that her new stuff had destroyed the electropop goddess' mystical vibes into something drum n bass-ish and cheap. But to me this is for sure not a sell out, and sounds more like gooooood good trap with the same good old angelic but dramatic vocals. That's exactly why I like to give everything and everyone a chance before rolling with the hate wave. I don't get why our generation has such difficulties to see artists evolve or at least try a new thing. I personally couldn't be happier for her to have jumped onto Jay's wing. You can see there's still a lot of freedom for her art and vision and well.....lotta MONEY too, yum.

Maybe it's weird to say but my eyes find rest in this visually as well. There's a lot of references but none of them are obvious to the point of boredom. The photography value to it all is GOLD! and styling was a dream.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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