photos by Cédric.

So here's a look and three shirts I've worn literally out for the last couple of days. While packing back in the city, I included tons of printed, striped, and colorful silk shirts for my Spanish wardrobe, but there's just something about white, clean-cut cotton essentials that a lot of other shirts can't compete with. 

The closest town and beach around here is at least half an hour away by car, so keeping yourself entertained within the house and garden all of a sudden becomes the second most important priority besides keeping yourself fresh and cool. This is how I've recently become obsessed with the french game Pétanque. Coming from someone who's not into any kind of games (except SNES Mario Bros and Donkey Kong) I can say this is a really nice game in which competition happens in a chill and laid back way. Though who am I kidding, I just think the sight of these silver boules on grass or even dirt is amazing.

But okay, further than french ball games (lol), ice cold drinks and good deep house mixes by the pool under these crazy temperatures, on this second and last week on our gorgeous villa in Taravaus, we decided to do a little more than sunbathe; being Salvador Dalí's house (now museum) in Portlligat our main destination. The house that became Dalí’s main residence in 1930 started off as a small fisherman’s hut. Then Dalí went to work on the structure, renovating it little by little over the next 40 years, creating a living, breathing, labyrinthine home that reflects the artist’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic. It will be a long car ride still, but I already know it will be totally worth it...and if not, at least I'll have somethingelse to post on IG besides pool selfies.