Last monday Cedric, Patrick and I joined forces on taking the next big step into a project we have been really excited for way too long now. 

Patrick and I have somehow ended up making music. We don't exactly know why but what we are sure of is that this was the only way to unleash all kinds of ideas and little fantasies we had gathered and built together around fashion, photography and music beats. When you spend so much time with people you love and click with, ideas keep piling up and at some point it doesn't matter how crazy, weird or out of your league such ideas might be, they need to get materialized; become real.

We'll go by The Thins for now and our first song GUNS 'N POSES prod. by TORVS is already a fact. this 31st of October, or Halloween, or my B-day (however you wanna call it) we will give all our closest and dearest friends the first hear at what the beginning of this adventure already sounds like. Like this, on November 4th GUNS 'N POSES will be officially out and ready to be yours, a party anthem, a new memory.

Stay tuned!:

FB: ThThns
IG: The_Thins

For now, I leave you to Marcus Marr's - Pleasure Moon, what our lives sound like at the moment.


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