1. 2. 3. by Cedric.
4. 5. by me. (back to my weird romantic street photography)

Last time while in Paris I found this gem at the Cheap Monday store in Le marais and fell in love with it's sadness. The faster and colder days get, the more I fall back into my autumn patterns; music gets darker, slower, dreamier, outfits get heavier and moods get gloomier. 

This fall I'm looking forwards to wearing more leather than ever; from head to toe if possible and not necesarily all black. I'm also desperately looking for _the_ leather backpack of my dreams but if my wallet isn't able to go for high end options I guess I'll have to wait and get lucky either in vintage or raid every flea market in town possible. 

"Reason" by Spooky Black trully kills me and I think his mixtape and album are a gift from sad boy heaven.



There's something about every-day-jewelry that makes getting out your door way easier. You throw something on, you think you're ready but the cherry on top is still missing. It's also funny how simply having a new necklace can make your whole wardrobe feel new.

Ever since I mysteriously lost my last cross necklace, the hunt for a new one was long and hard mostly in a country like the Netherlands where neither crosses or catholicism were ever popular beliefs at all. I personally don't follow any religion but my own drive to do whatever I love and makes me and those around me happy. That, and a little bit of discipline and gratitude make up for the perfect religion imo.

I found this 20's silver cross with black encrusted stones at my favorite antique shop in my town: Bibeloo Antiques. 



"VICES" for WE THE URBAN issue #8. 
All photos by Cédric, styled by moi.
Hair: Geo Timmerman.
Grooming: Francis Krol.
Model: Jelle @Muskmodels.
Assistant photograpy: Mohamed Barzini.

1. Kleptomania, Smoking.
2. Chocolate, Vanity.
3. Masochism, Ecstasy.
4. Alcohol, Speed.

I think this might be one of the funnest concepts we ever brought to life this far. Not only was Jelle a DREAM model boy to work with for this specific idea, but having full freedom on a subject such as 'Vices' was just awesome. I'll just let each picture speak for itself! I think everything's quite clear lol.



Taken with iPhone, woops!

But this is just a sneak peak of Joeri Woudstra's aka Torus upcoming video for "Creepin". I was the chosen and lucky one to do the styling for it and we can't wait to show everybody this magical, trippy and sinister visual recipe cause it's gonna kill to be quite honest. His new EP "TEMPLES" is about to drop in an upcoming late november and it will be something "MASSIVE, ETHERIC AND DIVINE" as Mr. Torus describes himself. I personally already heard half of the songs on it and all I know is that I need it on my every playlist as soon as possible.



Just like puzzle pieces perfectly put together, this Lella and Massimo Vignelli coffee table would be the ultimate upgrade and final missing piece in my home interior puzzle. The fact that you can actually rearrange each black marble shape holding the glass plate for a less uniform support makes this coffee table very playful and even more desirable. And though nothing beats marble and a beautifully cut thick piece of glass, my DIY spirit does feel a little awaken to make my own version of this masterpiece.



From left to right: 

1. Depression In A Surface.
2. Some Sad Story.
3.Standing In Circles.

I think Polly Morgan's work might be causing me some serious writer's block at the moment. The kind when you like something so much you don't know how to express yourself about it. Her sculptural taxidermy does not only flirt with life and death but it also adds a little bit of sinister fantasy to the mix. The fact that all her snakes have this floating aspect gives my imagination Carte Blanche for a thousand stories that could be told. And although her work goes up to even bigger scales and heavier visual aspects, these flying reptiles remain my favorites. I mean, wouldn't they make gorgeous center pieces on our dining room tables?! coffee tables? or even bedside tables?? either way I want them, and need them in my home.



Dylan, The OG Ogenda and moi myself at the HOPE store opening last wednesday in Amsterdam. 

I had no clue HOPE made such good shoes?! There were two pairs of ankle boots from the girls department that had me hyper. It was surprising in general to have such a clear overlook of what their brand is all about. They truly have way more to offer than the usual safe selections that department stores make. A lot of bold dresses, jackets and fun trousers had me re-evaluating the image I had of their brand in my head.

Hartenstraat 26, 9 streets, Amsterdam. Experience HOPE if you get a chance!



I HAD to get on this one!

So Grimes signs with Jay Z's Roc Nation and pops THIS!!!! rumour had it around me that her new stuff had destroyed the electropop goddess' mystical vibes into something drum n bass-ish and cheap. But to me this is for sure not a sell out, and sounds more like gooooood good trap with the same good old angelic but dramatic vocals. That's exactly why I like to give everything and everyone a chance before rolling with the hate wave. I don't get why our generation has such difficulties to see artists evolve or at least try a new thing. I personally couldn't be happier for her to have jumped onto Jay's wing. You can see there's still a lot of freedom for her art and vision and well.....lotta MONEY too, yum.

Maybe it's weird to say but my eyes find rest in this visually as well. There's a lot of references but none of them are obvious to the point of boredom. The photography value to it all is GOLD! and styling was a dream.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!



/LFILE No. 13 by my adorably talented sis Lucciana.

With almost tears in my eyes and a full knot in my throat, I've just revisited our MELT festival 2014 experience by hitting replay several times and I think I'm on to hit it a couple more times after I'm done writing this. It's almost silly how these three days on a campside, with only a few hours of sleep per day and under crazy temperatures can generate so many butterflies in one's stomach through memories.

For the same reason we woke up every morning all hangover thinking: "How will I ever get through today?" I remember to have kept on repeating to myself: "enjoy each second" because it was all truly over before we knew it.

And although it still feels heavily sad for it to be over again, this video right here is still us, all those moments are still ours and they will be forever.

Thanks to Lucci for the revival and to everyone in this video:




photos by Cédric.

So here's a look and three shirts I've worn literally out for the last couple of days. While packing back in the city, I included tons of printed, striped, and colorful silk shirts for my Spanish wardrobe, but there's just something about white, clean-cut cotton essentials that a lot of other shirts can't compete with. 

The closest town and beach around here is at least half an hour away by car, so keeping yourself entertained within the house and garden all of a sudden becomes the second most important priority besides keeping yourself fresh and cool. This is how I've recently become obsessed with the french game Pétanque. Coming from someone who's not into any kind of games (except SNES Mario Bros and Donkey Kong) I can say this is a really nice game in which competition happens in a chill and laid back way. Though who am I kidding, I just think the sight of these silver boules on grass or even dirt is amazing.

But okay, further than french ball games (lol), ice cold drinks and good deep house mixes by the pool under these crazy temperatures, on this second and last week on our gorgeous villa in Taravaus, we decided to do a little more than sunbathe; being Salvador Dalí's house (now museum) in Portlligat our main destination. The house that became Dalí’s main residence in 1930 started off as a small fisherman’s hut. Then Dalí went to work on the structure, renovating it little by little over the next 40 years, creating a living, breathing, labyrinthine home that reflects the artist’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic. It will be a long car ride still, but I already know it will be totally worth it...and if not, at least I'll have somethingelse to post on IG besides pool selfies.