Did we ever stop to realise how good looking Sailor Moon's villains were?!

The baddest have always been the prettiest and the Black Moon gang is certainly not the exception!

My bf played this song at home some days ago and it made me think of my otaku anime geeky days and my upbringing watching animes on national latin TV. I guess I could blame those days for me choosing fashion design as my bachelor studies to follow after all. 

By looking back in time, everything I've ever felt attracted or fascination by has always dealt with personal beauty and body image. Even the cartoons I chose to watch, were my favorites because of the way the characters dressed, or their long colorful hair or even the function some of their jewelry and super hero vehicles would have! therefore Sailor Moon (and Candy Candy) was definitely one of the cartoons that had the most impact on me and influenced the way I feel about clothes ever since.



I'm not gonna lie and I also have that icky feeling when it comes to h&m collaborations. You just never know what the actual purpose to them really is, if exposure, or money, or the opportunity to be able to have anything Wang for a down to earth price, or maybe all of the above?

In any case I guess it's a win win situation for all. For Alex's exposure, his reach to a whole new crowd, for h&m for having him on board, and for the people who love his vision but usually would have to decide in between buying a sick pair of Wang heels or pay rent.

At the end of the day, we shouldn't really think about it too much nor try to analyse it as if it was the end of Alex's cool street credit or not. Just lighten up and look at the brightside: he might have something lovely in store for you and you will actually be able to afford it.

I'm hoping and praying for him to make some sort of BEST OF collection with some of those S/S 12 colorful motocross-inspired pieces included or just anything terror-sport-chic. But if it will be just a new concept, then I hope for BAGS! either cute useless small and adorable handbags for girls or unisex IT backpacks....chokers and sheer cotton t-shirts wouldn't be bad either! can't wait for the campaigns to be out!



photos by Cédric.

So the struggle is REAL. 

It's a hard time for a lot of my loved ones at the moment (including myself tbh).

but who's to blame? yesterday morning's lunar eclipse? the economy? our own life choices?

I feel like cities nowadays should have big, warm, orange and fluffy places, just like this bomber jacket, where scared 20-somethings could go to, hide, sob, have a nap and get back out to face life again.

2014 will good to me one way or the other, I know it, but the puzzle is giving me red eyes atm.

I've also started to meditate and look into MY life first every morning instead of anyonelse's on Instagram or Facebook. 

TRY IT! it's very liberating and empowering.

BUT please do still follow me, lol….just not as the first thing in your morning….no matter how flattering it would be for me to know I'm the first e-adress on your daily blogroll…and if I am, I love you.

I really feel like going blonde this summer but every single bit of that thought screams DON'T.

I can't wait for beach hair, festival season, south of France, Paris, Azealia Banks in Amsterdam, and Christmas in Colombia!

And of course way more tattoos…




So THIS just hapenned!!! and I'm not here to write a smart review on it or anything like that but simply to make a highlight on this perfect monday surprise!

Her lyrics are once again soooooo dead on romantic but with a dangerous rock 'n roll feeling. I love both tempos within the song and even that really icky high pitched peep in the end. I'M SO HAPPY Bradley Soileau is back at her side instead of Shaun Ross. I'm sorry but Shaun looked a bit too much like her gay best friend on Tropico than her man. And hello?! Bradley is sun-kissed blonde now?!!! with roots?!?! and surfer locks????!...can I get an I LUH U PAPI?!

The picture with the song, I've saved for so long cause nothing really ever made sense with it before to make a post of. But I think Westcoast embodies the energy in it so so perfectly.

I’m about to leave and I’m saying
Move baby, move baby, I’m in love
I’m in love
I’m in love



All photos by Lonneke van der Palen.

The Sweet Branko Popovic had asked me recently if I could answer a couple of his questions for Platinum Love magazine. The outcome was quite a nice, honest and personal view on where I think I stand at the moment, ongoing and future projects, design aesthetic, my label '2' and a bit more.

To read the whole interview click here!

A big kiss and huge thanks to Branko, Platinum Love and Lonneke!



I never thought I'd say this but this Skrillex song is hoooooooot hot AF.

The moment I become obsessed is when the girls shake them luminous sparkly booties with extra lighting in their mouths while wearing goggles in the dark. I mean YES. That's some good ragga witch shit a la #YUNGRAPUNXEL.

Perhaps he should not only pull a Beyonce on us by sneaking his new LP out on us out of the blue, but maybe he should also make videos with each song that will take us on a trip to understanding what the hell exactly happens and the things he sees inside his head every time he makes music.


All collages by Doug Abraham for BESS.

BESS is a NYC-based store with one of the best Instagram presences on my following list.

This is just a small selection of my personal favorites and most recent BESS collages. All images on their account are so good as a whole and make so much sense with what the store is all about without actually displaying anything from their recent collection.

I don't know if this is one of those stores you hear about and your fantasy of it ends up being too much of a high expectation? but according to their ABOUT US, the clash of two extremely opposite worlds within the same space might just be something I would have really liked to experience.

BESS began as a fine jewelry line by Doug. As Doug establishes his store years later after starting, he decides to expand and to join forces with Keith Haring's historic former Pop Shop; the place where both victorian apparel, antique dolls, AND vintage punk studded leather clothing collided. 

And although I've been reading the store dropped the whole odd ball clash and carried on with only punk-rock studded-everything, a trip to BESS in New York City must be a journey from the 19th century romantic to the post-punk to goth-grunge BESS experience.

For more kinky and fetish collage craze, look Doug up on IG @bessnyc4.



(excuses for the iphone quiality!)

Maybe you've heard this thousands of times before but there's something truly addictive about going under the needle everytime, you're just left wanting more.

Ever since Baba worked that evil medusa-like Azealia onto my leg I kinda new I'd finally found my dream tattoo artist. 

For the rose we went for that young and not fully bloomed look; a little dark and dangerous too. Just purely aesthetic...I mean do they always have to mean something? I rather leave some of them to gain meaning in the long run instead of forcing a whole concept into my mind as an excuse. 

If you're obsessing, just get it and keep it forever.

I don't think I have to explain BBD this far right?




Photos by Lara Verheijden
Styling by moi! 

In exclusive for Contributor magazine.

Lara had always been one of my favorite stylists around here, and not only because of the things she usually dares to do within her aesthetic, but also because her vision goes so much beyond styling that she has recently had to start making her own photoshoots. When she invited me to jump into this Miami, new money, bimbo fatale story I didn't think twice before saying yes; it was something so on my lane that it was only destined to be shameless-perfect and a lot of fun!

Fusing 2 power stylists' opinions and visions onto 1 aesthetic and story was quite something though. But the hustle of it all made it only more exciting to jump from one look or picture to the other. After wrapping MIAMI MAMI up Lara and I were nothing less than inspired to keep on working together, so I hope to be able to show you all more of this around here!

Special thanks to Suke Suke vintage and PS Depot Deluxe!



photo by Carlijn Jacobs.
Daan at 77 Models.
Hair & Grooming Britt Williams.
outfit by Maison de Faux.

Just a small, juicy and ice cool preview of the shoot I did with Carlijn for Dreck magazine last monday. This month has been sort of my styling month for which I'm oh SO grateful and happy about because it's something I truly love to do. I hope to have official previews of the other two shoots soon!

Working with Carlijn was so easy and joyful it was almost scary. Sort of like when everything goes smoothly and you start to wonder when the earthquake will crack, but it never did *knocks on wood*. I loved finally getting my hands on some of my favorite Maison de Faux outfits too as I had fantasized about styling them ever since their debut show last Amsterdam fashion week.

On other news, my world is all about LINDSAY the Oprah docu series, The Canyons, Sven Weisemann and Spooky black here below at the moment. Spooky's mixtape BLACK SILK (omg name) is a nice substitute for the few melancholic alternative R&B songs Sukmeqilme once did and never continued making. I honestly needed more of that and God answered my prayers.

Also, Justin Oshea came to visit my boss last week and I didn't know what to do with myself with him in the same room. Though I have to admit he WAS sort of bigger, wider and taller in my dreams. Just a nice viking format you know?