Capreolinae II

So spring started and my cats are going crazy in their horniness. But to talk about better looking and more interesting animals here is the renewed version of www.CedricPradel.com where flying and broken looking-like limbs together with flesh are the latest DO's. It's super hot and my booty gets featured more than once. Check it out!

Take a Good Look

MAKING A STRONG COMEBACK!!!1! though the "strong comeback" thing is a monday thing and today is tuesday. These pics are product of what came to my mind in a matter of seconds last thursday while I was packing to go over to my beloved loved one (I don't think those 2 words together are gramatically correct but sounds nice). The hoody in fact is one of the thousand gifts I've gotten from him and this was the first time I kinda really got it's vibe and got to do something nice with it besides wearing it..which hasn't happened just yet; I think you understand?

This last weekend was off tha hoooooooook? thursday I went up north. Friday started with the loveliest of the weathers. Some second hand shopping, hanging aroung hanging around, then coffee with Stephanie then more hanging around, lunch, then wine, tipsiness with wine at Ce's, crispy chicken hamburgers as dinner and then off to Sinan's wedding gown themed birthday party. Enchanté even snapped some awesome shots of the many brides and grooms around. Saturday was a bit more calm. We were at the torkish-italian fashion designer's flat....hahahahahahaha kidding kidding, maybe he'll read this, he's italian, he's dieting, and he's gorgeous. Ce did a couple of shots for my big day at Rietveld and I finally got to see some of his graduation collection cuties on editorial mode; modelled by a very cute girl but taken by a not so smart one. She shot the clothes in a kick-ass hotel in Amsterdam and the only thing she captured was the carpet's pattern. Anyway, it's all very 90's-neon but pastel-colorful, lots of bones, intentionally disproportional at times with some fur in between. It's gonna kill. GO TURKEY! I mean, Ciamella!

Sunday was Enchanté-by's day at the Mode Marché's (stock sample sale of the Netherlands) entry, spotting people and pulling them aside; the ultimate immortalizing system! yeah yeah. Was a complete success. Afterwards and totally dead, we headed back to the Hague to have a smashing dinner, try clothes for hours and get to the Hugo+George afterparty where we danced the nigth away to the cosmic beats. On monday I skipped school and got in trouble for it, but it was so worth it. Monday as the beginning of a new project; but that's something I'll feature here later on.




She is my barbie-doll dream translated into a human-like editorial super heroin....................................................a la GaGa.

She might not be on magazine's editorials as often as on gossip tabloids cause let's be honest, and the paparazzi have got that je ne sais quoi for her, but when she's on it, she's on it g o o d.

The cover! is fantastical, this is the first time I think I like that lesbianic thing girls do often with their fingers in front of their mouths, though Nicky is not sticking her tongue out here (THANK GOD?). 2nd pic, I don't know how they managed to make her look that tall cause she's tiiii-ney. On the third pic, almost mermaid-ish, almost vamp-hot momma, almost Thierry mugler's alien; love the turquoise background contrast with the platinum blonde, yes yes veri guut. 4th, cute fierceness and 5th, strinking all that bling "ON YAR AAAALL BITCHES' FACE" like Jade said on ANTM cycle-something, prfect finale: PEACE OUT.

Shiiiit I never felt like having a magazine so badly. N, I heart u. X


still I have my ugliness

It pisses me off to let all the nice music one normally discovers on a daily basis pass by. I need to figure out a way to get loaded and get a new i-pod, I don't want to go back to no cheap ass mp3's, but maybe I'll have to. And so here we are: this byotch growing her hair and I don't know if amusing or grossing me out, and then the kid complaining about an electronic device's loss, while you know what they say..."some die of hunger, models get skinnier here, celebrity dies there, economy gets f*cked, Lindsay Lohan tired of being coked up and desperately looking for a job.." same old same old.

But seriously, why would you want to have such long hair? Though I love the fact that she's asian and the picture looks totally cheap, I'll say it again, and people who have such long hair actually make me think of what hair really is: W A S T E. After that I just get the idea they smell like garlic or just something rotten.

Fever Ray's "When I Grow Up" has had me amazingly hooked throughout the whole day btwwwwww. Gimme more.


Red Sign

Here's Kap Bambino's new album/tour promo; fresher than fresher, hotter than ever. I just discovered it, loved it, and had to make it public. They really hooked up with the right person for this clip!

K. Bambino & Khima France 4evaaaaaa. x


meet The Heyboers

It's not much what I know about them. It was last year, very late one evening that I happened to be "watching" tv and just skipping channels at a channel per second speed when I saw a close up of her face. Petra Heyboer's face, with glitter on her eyes, and plastic stars glued on her cheeks. It was love at first sight. But as I was saying, I couldn't hold much info since the documental was in dutch and as much as I tried to put my tiny skills to work, it was not much what I collected.

But well, who needs to read or listen to anything when the visuals are as rich as Petra's face itself or the Heyboer house/gallery?!.....in between the whole documental there were a lot of stills and silent moments, like for example shots of Petra applying her make up, or just sitting on a chair looking out the window; almost no music at all. Kinda beautiful. There were a lot of old video cassette recordings of Petra and Anton together, just laughing and snogging like a pair of teenagers. They trully loved each other. Aswell Anton was seen on his own, just painting, and humming nonsense songs while doing it.

I remember an older lady also, dressed like a goddess (maybe Anton's or Petra's mother), giving the camera crew a tour around her house and showing off her paintings, including 2 beautiful pieces that a very talented someone did: of herself when she was way younger, and another one of her family sitting at the dining room, with a wide window giving a view of a sunny bright colorful field. After a lot of talking, she puts her coat on and gets to a gallery that didn't look much like one, but the works in it had me drooling on my side of the screen. Then a small footage of Anton's funeral was shown, with Petra walking along with a lot of people and photographers snapping shots of her sadness; kissing and throwing flowers on what was about to become Anton's grave. Grrr I would love to find that documental once again, and this time subtitled!

Anyone?....just hit me if you know something; y'all know mah digits. PEACE OUT. X


He knows me well.


The Law Between Human and Machine (Mind The Gap)

Sky, Time Is Unfolding

As I have understood this is their latest live performance which took place in one of Helsinki's hip comic and record shop Pitkämies. DINOSAURUXIA ladies and gentz, and 2 of my favourite songs by them this far; my playlist of the day. Minimalistic me huh?. Don't doubt to check out part 1, 2 and 3!. Anywhore, I heart these gals, and so should you.

Documentation of a Chola

The title is the name of such an adorable picture I saw on my myspace like 5 minutes ago from someone who friend requested me. There's a tough looking mexican girl called Ana Victoria in it with tons of make up, and one of those facial expressions that could tell a hundred stories. I rather not to show it and leave it to everyone's imagination.

And so he gave me an opportunity. I presented myself, showed my work and my interviewing teacher Vens, gave me an opportunity. I'll have to do it again in front of the school's commission and just pray to all the gods for them not to think of me as the "He wont pull it off" boy. "Just be sure of one thing, if for some reason you don't get accepted, it will not for sure be because of your talent, but maybe for schooling and age reasons". They hold my entrance key to a whole new layer. It puts a lot on my shoulders and all the ones around me who care for me. But like DINOSAURUXIA says: Time is unfolding, and only time itself will spit it aaaaaaaaall out.


Come pray with me, let's die at the same time

Can't come quickly enough
Once I was like you
The Real Touch
Heyboer Heyboer

Because they say it's the end. The abduction. It's happening.



Talk about spontaneousity HA HAAAAA. It all pretty much happened when my sister got in my room this afternoon wearing that black thing (which is actually the cover of her broken umbrella) around her neck, then she spreads her arms open and asks me: "is this nice?".....................................I though it was super fierce so I just grabbed the camera and snapped something out my room's balcony.
You know you know dahlings, just making a strong comeback on monday, as ussual.
Mondays tend to be ugly, and boring. MOSTLY! when you're coming from Paris to Brunssum . It really felt like a big put-your-feet-back-on-the-ground bitch slap. Thank god my lessons at school were fun and noone made fun of me.
ps. And!!!!!!!! I forgot to add! I have a new classmate! and she is a cute little blue eyed nun from poland! and she is tiny! and has lived in Argentina for 10 years! so she speaks spanish in the cutest way! and and yeaaaaaaah! life's good fellas, life's good.


Meaner than cat piss

This is the kind of landscape I saw this morning.
People were so rude to me today. Meaner than ever. I wore my high black army-like boots to school, with a big black hoody, a black and white celine dion print tee, my black 1 euro sunnies from h&m, all of it trying to "blend in"and it went completely wrong. They actually took the time to interrupt their convos by walking down the street when they saw me just to point me out and have a laugh. Not that I got offended or anything, but after having the same reaction 5 times in the same block, gurl believe me, you feel like smackin their bitch ass hillbilly faces off.
On thursday it'll be Paris anyway. Not only have I not been to Paris before, but it will be fashion week! which just makes me think it's the perfect timing for Enchanté-by to document the parisian Crème de la Crème. So from now 'til wednesday evening let's hope I can come with some good looking wearable stuff to get in my suitcase and voilà.