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Happy Burthday boo!
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The Brightest, Shiniest Gift

My QT gave it to me as he came back from his last trip to Brussels. His brother is getting married (which is gonna be a hell of a partay) so they had a get together to make try oput dishes for the wedding. I was pretty upset I couldn't be there during the weekend considering the fact that his dad is french and he cooks like the gods.

It took me a while to get to like my new porcelain pet when I first saw it. I mean, first I laughed of course and then I doubted it. As I was coming back home yesterday in the train I looked at it again, and by the way it's mouth is open and it's tail is positioned, it made me think of those flying dolls collection my older sister had back in the nineties. I SO loved them, though only girls played with them at school and such, and if you were a boy, and you were seen playing with a Dragonfly Doll.....well..you know already what your teasing nickname was going to be for the next 2 weeks! Unfortunately I can't find a picture of the damn dolls on the net cause "Dragonfly Doll" is not giving any results matching with the doll I have in my head. Anyone know what the official name of such dolls was

While snapping a pic of the dolphin in my room, I saw this picture of my sister and me that has been laying around for a couple of days now. The green and purple tone of that playground tunnel was matching perfectly my dolphin's skin tone haha so I though why not post it. I remember that day was my 6th birthday and my sister's 1st birthday celebration at Burger King (aww). We had a big Barney cake and endless happy meal boxes for all our "friends"?...or at least the kids that our parents thought were our friends. She was wearing a cute ballon-themed dress, which fit I still remember, with a matching hat. I had an unequal and colorful stripe pattern Tommy Hilfigher shirt, khaki pants and who knows whatelse for shoes. Cute innit?

We're both going for the weekend to The Hague, staying at Ce's. We're planning on taking plenty of fierce photos altogether, out and indoors. Enchante-by's upcoming looks p[age is also on the TO DO'S list so, we are definitely in the productive mode. Pics and tales after the jump.

Vanilla Glazed Honda/ Komodo Dragon/ Weave

Let me borrow that fucking top

I love this lady. First of all check out how huge she is. She has always worn her hair in the same up-bun-do and she has a very angry IMA-SLAP-YA-FACE face (though she's really sweet). I have seen her around almost everyday that I have been going to school since I arrived here in Holland. She used to take the same bus as me when I lived in a smaller town. And nowadays we go to the same school where she studies dutch just as me and many other lovely looking old ladies. I'm talking about their styles obviously.

Anyway, I loved what she was wearing today. It was some sort of pleather light jacket, which fabric had bumps made all over (you gotta click on the pic to see them bumpzzz). She wore it unzipped or open at the front; it looked kinda heavy so it had a really cool fall, making each side ruffle on their way down. It also had pretty nice layered pockets.

Kelly's "cute top" anthem describes exactly how I felt. Pity I couldn't snap a better picture of her.


Cyber- d e l i s h -punk

So here it is, the 90's cyborg woman brought back to our times by Mark Pillai for Dazed & Confused's latest issue in the armour of the Autumm/Winter collections. I love how all these pieces were shown on their respectives runways in such different ways, and here they translate into something completely different. I SO wish for this vibe to come back after we're all done with the slim, clean but tough and dark, architectural and introverted recession look.

And again, fashion blogging ain't my thing, but this SOOOOOOOO is.

Me just had to have. Thx Design Scene!

ps. This all makes me think of "The Fifth Element" with Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis and CHRIS TUCKER! remember?!?!?! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh love it.

Cyborg teacher/ The Scariest Upcoming Trend


The After Party 3/3

This is how we looked after we got home from this one "fancy" party we went to for the whole afternoon with our parents. We of course had to dress up accordingly (nothing like this), be nice, polite, and keep up with "interesting" conversations. It wasn't that much of the event of the season, but at least there was loads of lovely food, cakes and endless drinks.

My sis got that adorable wolves tee today from a market in Hoensbroek, I was suposed to go aswell but she told me it was nothing like the kind of markets I ussually like. Anyway, I thought it was worth documenting it! together with those new cutsie yellow Dr. Martens me and Ce got her as a present for being such bullshitters on Queen's day. The costumised winter underpants, leggings or whatever you'd like to call them, were my creation of the day. And I cannot say they were completely, or at all my own idea, but I could say that mine are looking much better than the ones I had as my reference hohoho, sorry Ossi.

Lust Worthy


Because if I happened to be a tiny little japanese girl, from downtown Shibuya with abscent rich parents, all alone in my 1.8 million Yen penthouse, a big self estem problem, and a black american express in my pocket, THIS is what I would walk around in.


Robin Schwartz

"Amelia's World: Imaginary Tales

The Amelia's World series evolves with my daughter’s maturing personality and aptitude. Amelia is an active contributor in my personal quest for scenarios with distinct colors and carefully sought after light. My light and color palette are integral to my photographs and have been inspired by specific paintings by Velazquez, DaVinci, Raphael, Bastien-Lepage and Whistler, as well as images from the Pre-Raphaelite and Medieval periods.
An artist photographing her child can invite ridicule, but GETTING PERSONAL WITH MY PROJECTS HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY NEED, MY EDGE. Motherhood is fundamental, adding a new perspective and dimension to my life and work.

Amelia is my priority, my muse, my co-conspirator, my tormentor and my bliss. Collaborating with Amelia, I am able to go to any place in time."

This is sincerely SO beautiful. I love how he does not "uses" but "works with" his daughter, and the photographs are the product of both of their fantasies. The animals in all the pictures are not either re-touched or shopped which is pretty amazing considering the fact that he has not only worked with cats and dogs. His daughter..............simply adorable, with such a melancholic yet innocent and sparkly kind of look in her face. No wonder why he loves to photograph her. And I could go on about how awesome I think his photographs are, but I rather let his work talk by itself:



Though this is of course not made out of dog fur, I wont deny that as it was the first thing that crossed throgh my mind when I saw/felt it at the store, DOG FURRRRR it made me wonder what would it be like, to wear a bunch of black chihuahuas. If you think about it it is actually ignorant that for example dogs' fur isn't used as wearable fur because of the sentimental value that millions of people give to these creatures. I don't blame them, they're cute and all, but why then do it with wild animals? are they less expressive? non friendly? is it because we barely see them in real life? or noone has ever had a fox as a pet?...well maybe Josephine Baker had one, or did she only had cheetahs? or what was it that she had?

Anyway who's the ignorant now by comparing fucking dog fur with this heavy wool gorgeousity!
As I saw it last week, I couldn't wait for the weekend to be over to get back to my new second hand paradise to get it. Or well, I did not exactly wanted the weekend to be over cause to be honest was damn fun. WE BREATHE, INHALED AND ATE FASHION, literally. I didn't remember the face of the guy who had saved it specially for me, and considering the fact that I was not suposed to be asking them to keep stuff for me in their storage for more than one day, I had not paid for them either to do so, and I was speaking english in a place where nobody wants to speak english to you, it was all getting to my last nerve. At the end this one chubby byotch who is never nice to me eveytime I go there, remembered me and called the guy who I had the deal with.

The funniest thing of all this was that besides of being a very very warm day, and having everyone look at me like crazy for taking such a big thick jacket in in the middle of spring and starting of summer, as I approached the cashier to just pay and get lost, one of the guys shouted: OOOOOOOH YOU ARE SO VERY LUCKY, and then I thought: and this is where it all goes to hell. They overprice it, and you go home with shit. Thank god my dealer stood up next to me and fought for the real, inital price.

9 euros, and a whole weekend full of patience. this is how I shop.