Bruising Bruce

Cause nothing makes me happier than a juicy editorial, THIS is what I call chemistry!!!!!!!!!

The newlyweds Bruce Willis and his wife Emily, for W magazine. It's lovely how in most of the shots there's obviously a strong fetish touch, and still it is not so literally done.......I mean, at least Bruce is not tied up in leather with an apple in his mouth, and Emily does not look like a dirty dominatrix. In fact, I love her McQueen-ish femme fatale-meets-vamp look.

My favourite? defo number 2. Bruce's expression makes it all up for Emily's covered up face. And PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THE RED NAIL POLISH on his toezzzzzzzzzzzz??? fucking genious.


Heaven ain't missin no angel no mo

Michael Jackson, 29/08/1958 – 25/06/2009
A definite blow to modern music.
There will never be another quite like him.



It had been a while since I last took a picture of my dear sis. Today I realised what a great model she is, what an a-hole photographer I make. Always bossying around, pulling her face up, then down, to one side, to the other, shouting "NOW, NOW NOW"...

At least our chemistry is still there. I don't know how she does it, but it's almost like she could see what I see, as I snap a photo. I have never told her what I want the picture to look like, and yet we both get it. WE BOTH GET IT.


The Preppiest Prayers

Ever since my grandma knew I'm about to enter school to study fashion design, she has given me all kinds of tips about the "industry" and feels very much excited about what the future might look like for me.

Honduras might be a small and even unknown country for some, but still she happens to be one of the most recognised hair stylists and make-up artists in the capital city.

So in between many of our convos, we ended up talking about the few Honduran fashion designers around who are doing decently good, or just VERY well. That's how Carlos Campos popped up. She talked wonders about him which made me really curious to just run to the computer and google him up.

By entering the site, the closure of his spring-fall 09 show comes up to Depeche's Mode's "Enjoy the Silence" (<333333 ALREADY LOVED HIM) with only Dave's vocals and pipe organ's notes playing along......so it did not only sounded all church-y, but the boys and girls walking down the runway looked like they were on their way to the president's funeral, or just going to confess themselves at the ultimate social event.

ANYWHOOOOOOOOOOOOORE, I really liked his stuff, though it is all very commercial and toned down. Most importantly! he made me proud of my roots!

SPOILT. once again

I've been under so much pressure today. And not exactly becauise I have to pay the bills, or someone wants to kill me, or I'm doing awful at school. It all happens mostly in my head. Just too many thoughts all at the same time, stinging like fucking bees defending their honey. Thank god we all have closets; and not exactly closets to keep secrets in anymore, but closets to just look at. Closets to go through, pipece by piece, and then feel re-filled with energy. CLOTHES REALLY DO MAKE ME HAPPY. These new cuties for example, some more gifts coming from my dear grandma who likes to burn money teh same way she burns her car wheels. There's not much to say about them to be honest.
1. ANOTHER see through shirt! I know a little someone is not going to be happy about it, since I have many MANY killer see-through shirts this far, all of them really nice. His rule is: Do not get the same item twice if the new one is not topping the old one. But I think I nailed it with this one, didn't I cutie?
2. It might be one size bigger than my normal size, but I love the pattern, the fit, and it's a Valentino btw.
3. And last but not least...just another really nice and well fiting suit jacket.
So sunday! more fashion shows, and not worrying about the outfit anymore.


Mixed Feelings

Today our day started with honey pancakes, lots of coffe and morning chit-chat. This afternoon we went for a coffee with our whole family, plus family guests, (being in this case my grand parenst and aunt) to our dear neighbor Monique. Her house is flawless as always and she's the best of the hostesses.

It's kinda funny to me how lately I have been going back and forth in between weekends, from south, to north holland, from a busy city environment, to be just momma's boy, doing dishes, vacume-cleaning and going to school. IT KEEPS ME GROUNDED, in a good way. I have been thinking about the moment I leave home. I guess it wont be me leaving home anymore, but me coming back home...everytime I'm in need to come back to the real world and put my two feet on the ground.

I made these portraits of my grand parents and my aunt earlier today as we came back home. The girls of course whined A LOT about the camera being so close to their faces, and every single skin imperfection to be so so so visible! but then I striked back, and I explained to them that it was exactly THAT fact that made every picture something beautiful, interesting and cute about ageing.....then they recognised it wasn't that bad and just felt proud of their wrinkly artsy features. It's only about 2 weeks from today til their departure, back to latin america, and though it makes me sad to just think about it already, I have to admit I enjoyed every second possible around them here and I feel lucky to have such a fucking funny and nice family .



"SOON" -That was the one and only word Achilles Ion Gabriel, finnish fashionista and actual designer, posted on my facebook wall yesterday when I asked him about the outcome photos of his latest photoshoot featuring my buddy Joona-thebabe-Rautiainen.

But it was "now", his newer and today's post on my wall today that let me know they were finally up!...for my surprise, they were not only photos, but they were photos put together as a flash editorial as I would like to call it. Little J looks abs. fierce and gorge in pretty much all of them shots, and the whole thing is just fun to watch.

just hate those fucked up americans stupid morons baseball fans lyrics

hahahahahahahahaha luv it


HAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I almost stepped on this hilarious tag last week's friday.
We were heading to the fourth year fashion students' (from the Willem de Kooning) graduation show in Rotterdam and all of a sudden I see my name as I quickly glanced through the floor. IN PINK AND LYRING ON THE FLOOR. If it's suposed to be a sign, it makes me scared and excited at the same time. Scared because by such an ugly tag, I don't even need to see the merchandise that this other "Giuliano" person is working with. And excited because then it means I'm making the right decision by getting started in fA$hion.
Anywhore, friday was fun. We went home quite early, but early enough for a fashion show, and the people who attended to such; I wasn't in the mood for no mingle jingle. THINGS CAN NEVER GO WRONG AFTER YOU ARRIVE IN A TURQUOISE TUC TUC!

Ronald Stoops

C linked me to his site today, I went through the first series of pictures, and I found it kinda hard to just stop clicking through the rest of them.

I ended up seeing all of his photographs and inspiration was beating my mind up once again, since a while ago...or maybe since yesterday, when after school I went on a little trip to Aachen, Germany with my grandparents and mom. Though I had been in there many times before, I had never been bothered to take a look inside the local dome (STOO-PIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD). I definitely need to get there sometime soon again, and make better pictures of it inside. ULTIMATE GOTH EYECANDY.

Now that I'm closer than ever to step into fashion school, I think Ineed to have a big inspiration source under my sleeve in case of emergency


When the pigs try to get at ya, cough it like it's hot





kentucky girl in a push-up bra

"i mean i always get sad when i think about love...My ultimate love dream come true would be that I would have a caddilac and me and my lover would dryve trhough some desert like the one in nevada las vegas and just feel the air and the sunset"

With the birds I'll share

With the birds I'll share

This lonely view

With the birds I'll share This lonely view


from g to c

I'm not into anyonelse,
I just don't want to lose you.


Finally caught on video!

"She's the antithesis of the typical fashion designer, preferring to step away from the adulation of shows and flashy parties, yet from behind the scenes, Miuccia Prada has a huge impact on the world of fashion.

Miuccia Prada has taken a unique path to become the name and impetus behind a worldwide brand that has developed what fashion brands can achieve beyond the catwalk.

Coming from a wealthy family that supplied luxury goods, she gained a degree in political science from the University of Milan before studying to be a mime artist for six years in the late 1960s and early 1970s."
Read the full article...

She is totally different from what I thought she would be like. I love her ideology, and those skirts flapping from one side to the other at the background made me laugh a lot!


prada bags gucci shoez louis v. jimmy choo

And talking about gifts! these are my new adquisitions. Just some of the things that grandpa and grandma have pimped my wardrobe, hand and pocket with.

1.The cap was too hilarious to leave it at the thrift store where me and my grandma got loadsa stuff.

2. Lately I've been wearing a couple of braceletes, nothing too special, and as I found this skull-shaped gorgeousity today and tried it on, it just had to be mine.

3. The blazer had a weird shape, and an invisible pattern that becomes visible with light shine. Also thrifted.

4. And as last but definitely not least!!!!: a wallet. My ideal, and the cutest biker-friendly wallet ever. It is so functional. I'm really happy with it.
ps. I also got the June-July DAZED & CONFUSED where the Cyber- d e l i s h -punk editorial I so much loved, is featured.

1. a coffee.
2. the fiercest over-the-shoulder look.
3. devouring an apple.
4. sharing some love.

My grandparents! I couldn't be happier to see them and be spoilt by them once again with all their gifts, food, tales and love.



It was the first time I ever gave a shot to the book section downstairs at the kringloopwinkel. For only 50 cents, this teenage photograph comic book is what I took back home with me together with a drawing techniques book (also for 50!) of which I didn't take pics of cause it's just...a drawing book.

People always say that the best way to learn a new language is to read them lame ass comics on the news papers. But the only time I get to grab a news paper is when I'm in the train bored out of my mind...and even THEN, I only glance through the images, looking for something cute to rip off the paper. So I've always wanted to find that perfect comic book, in that foreign language, that will get me hooked and keep me busy while in the train, and will make me forget that annoying bitch behind my seat, talking on her phone for the whole trip as it ussually happens.

So THIS IS IT! like Michael J. said lately, I finally found it. Instead of being the average drawn comic book, this one has photographs instead of drawings. Teenage drama, romance, parties with the ussual nerdy crashers, making their first steps from being the ugly forgotten duck, to the beautiful swan who kisses with the best looking girl/guy at the end of the night and makes the rest of the crowd impressed AND jealous most importantly. I'm cheesy I know, I can't help it, I'm a sucker for these.

And c'mooooooooooooooooooon! It even had 2 posters featured! Kate Bush on the first pages and Blue Lagoon kicking in at the end.