32 degrees! and I was suposed to spend my whole day at the pool. There was no other place where you could actually be without feeling suffocated by the weather. I don't know why but I stayed home at the end; I thought I could pack for the weekend, and I still haven't even done that.
Today was the day my drawing skills and inspiration came back to me after a looooong long time of being abscent. Just when I thought (once again) they were gone, I came up with this portrait of baby Josephine Pradel, the Pradel family's puppy, daughter, sister and even sister in law hihi. They're celebrating their 30th marriage anniversary this upcoming weekend! so this is of course, my gift to them. I will be spending the whole weekend with them in Brussels and part of next week. I can already smell the wine and tons of wonderful food, which are the main trademarks of the Pradel's family house...dinging room? HAHAAAAA whenever you're there, that's the part of the house where you'll be spending the most of your time in, AND IIIIIIIIIII LOVE IT.