totally bananas

The simple life, the highlight of my day.

When thoughts get so crazy, anxiety might kick in and then we don't know what to stuff in our mouths or what to keep our hands busy with. You wouldn't imagine how much having a banana at the park can help.


Immaculate Abortion

Hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love these.

All of them gifts from my mother in law.
All of them destined to decorate the walls of my future home.
All of them...out of that very exclusive boutique we all know about

You've GOT to have a close look at the first one. We just had to laugh when we first spotted it.The Immaculate Abortion we named it then, since they both look blue, pale...just dead; and also because the child (who we first thought was baby jesus) looks like a spooked fetus, with a manly face and pecs. I could tell who they trully are and why they look the way they look, according to my mom, but that would only take it's magic away. In a David Banda-kind of situation, just google it.

Grab it, Sip it, Vogue it.

This is...pretty much the first thing I bought thinking of the day I would move out to my new house (room?). A pretty good and funny way to start to collect a decent china. And YES I'm aware of how ugly it is, but for only 10 cents, from the moment I picked it up, it brought all kinds of flashbacks from when I was younger and used to glance through my grandmother's fashion magazines back at her old beauty salon.

My own Vogueroine. She'll make sure to fierce up my every morning coffee.

A kiss ain't a kiss without some tongue

More junk!
Of a special kind this time...why the napkin? I still don't know. Everytime we went out for a coffee she would take out a blue pen out of her purse and write on her paper cup, napkin...even table. The photo I found in one of her drawers one night after finding a lot of kinder surprise toys and potato chip tattoos. Just stole it.


I found all these in between a lot of other junk one or two weeks ago while cleaning up my room slash throwing-everything-away. If I remember well, I drew most of them during the most boring lessons back at the first school I went to when I had just arrived in Holland. I was in a classroom with kids 2 years younger than me (YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY), so there weren't much new things for me to learn. Instead I had a lot of free time to just draw over my finished excercises.



Guys are like roses, watch out for the pricks


I came back home yesterday after being away for a month and 1 week exactly, and I made these pictures specially then cause my sister was leaving at 4 in the morning today to Austria with some friends, and for a while now it had been our little ritual everytime I came back home from the north to just take some pictures together. I decided not to become the computer nerd I've always been right away and to just spend quality time here with everyone; therefore I did not post them here, though my mom DID......all of them.....on her facebook......

But ok. I already nagged to her about it.

I also just wrote a testimony for the police office in Leuven. We went to a restaurant and you know how it goes; you ask for a bit of mustard and almost get punched in the face. Besides that, now I have a room where to stay on my first months of school in the Hague. A sowing machine, a closet, a job and I'll be ready to rock.
ps. My apologies to all of you who were wondering about hhholy's period of nothingness, but I really thought noone ever came around here besides my sister, my mom, irru and ce.