Last night, as I think I had mention before, Mandy held a dinner party at her house because of her birthday. Her mother cooked a typical dish from aruba which was followed by the tastiest chocolate cake I have tasted lately. Some of her friends came along and her brothers were present as well. It was niiiiiiiiiice nice nice.

Except for the fact that her bee ef who works as a professional model, had to leave to London on this same day for fittings and a show!...she told me last year he had to leave on her birthday again, but to Paris. To me it sounds like the beginning of a weird tradition. Anywhore! as Cedric said: That's what she gets for being born on fashion week!.

But ok, as we said good-bye, got out of Rotterdam and arrived in The Hague, we drove around downtown listening to Billie Holiday; pretty much with no destination at all, till Milou pulled off by a nigth shop to get a pack of ciggies. You could say our music was a tiny bit too loud? and this guy who happened to be walking by just loved it!

We loved him too, what a perfect closure!


I took these during model drawing, today. I don't know why but I think I totally nailed it during today's lesson. Unlike the first 2 lessons, I liked our models (THANK GOD WE'RE NOT DRAWING THE TEACHER'S SHOES NO MMORE!) which were these 2 dissected birdies. I did 2 more works about the birds installation of which I forgot to take pictures of, tear.


BOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I thought my concepts this week were at least very interesting. I also thought that because of that same reason, maybe Ellen was going to forget about ton sur ton for just a couple of seconds and look at this week's spreads as something more symbolic.

Though she really liked them, I was damn wrong of course and not only was I wrong but I was screwed. In fact I'm still screwed. For next monday I will have to repeat these 2, and make 2 new ones about WHAT IS WHITE? and TEXTURE STRUCTURE. Wish me luckzzzzz.



These are Milou (above in Comme de Garcons) and Mandy (below in Haider Ackerman) at ennu last friday when they finally decided to come along with me and check out the ridiculous sales they are having for shoes right now. You know how it goes, just trying to get rid of the last season offspring to let winter kick in with POWA POWAAAAAAAH. Milou will be picking her lace ups tomorrow, and Mandy will be getting them gorgeous Ackerman platforms for her birthday on thursday.


Just when I thought B to the yonce had nailed it again back in her Dangerously In Love solo record with "Wishing On A Star", I realised just a couple of days ago that it just wasn't hers. The original version is by "The Cover Girls" and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, I love you B but this one just doesn't belong to you; I rather stick to the late 80's/almost-90's glossiness.


These are some of the incognito paparazzo shots I took after school when we went to check out Petrovsky & Ramone's photoshoot at central station today. Though we followed part of the process back at the President Carlton hotel, we did not stay for the whole photoshoot since there were about 8 new talents and the rest of designers who are just nominated for the Mercedez Benz fashion award. So around 16 in total! I really hope it wasn't too exhausting for all of them...they were a big crew after all.

ps. I just hope I don't get in trouble for having these pics here so soon!

MOST people's idea of a fairy godmother is a nice old dear with a wand.

But while AMY WINEHOUSE's beehive, tattoos and druggie past may not fit the image, she's busy working her magic for goddaughter DIONNE BROMFIELD.

The singer has conjured up a top recording contract for the 13-year-old starlet on her new label Lioness Records, which launches this week.



"I want to forgive you...AND I WANT TO FORGET YOU"

"I'm trying to live a more positive, holy life, but it takes work. It's hard not sinning, you know?"



"This photograph comes from Ivonne Thein’s series entitled “Thirty-Two Kilos,” which deals with the pathological striving of young men and women to be extremely thin. The background to this work is a phenomenon that emerged in the US already in the 1990s with the Internet movement “Pro Ana,” which elevates anorexia nervosa to the status of a new, positive lifestyle for young women. The Internet has become the virtual home to diverse communities that do not define themselves as self-help groups for those suffering from eating disorders. Quite the opposite, they support the desire to lose weight, circulating encouraging slogans to help girls achieve the perfect bodies of their dreams. On these sites, this extreme body ideal is illustrated with abundant visual material. Role models are celebrated – for example, female celebrities with anorexia, who seem to embody the connection between extreme physical self-control and a happier and more successful life. The health risks of this lifestyle, however, disappear from view. At the same time, one also regularly finds photographs on these sites that the trained eye can recognize as having been manipulated."

This is probably the most exciting group of photos I saw last week's friday at the Witte de With. And they were not even hanging on the walls but in the inside of a magazine I picked up from one of the galleries. And ok, I was there late, didn't go to Boijmans' opening on saturday, and spent my sunday doing homework, but it just wasn't all that. Or maybe I had way too high expectations.

ANYWHORE! it was like a big ass slap across my face when I realised that the human-like figures on the photos weren't dolls, mannequins, pupets or whatever BUT real girls!...I trully thought: ooooooooh, these are so well done! I want one for my room!, so thumbs up for Ivonne for causing me such pleasant (?) confusion.


While in Paris, if I remember well, on day we arrived, (after we got some information about the trip, dressep up, and got on our way to the city centre) I was trying to keep up a very entertaining convo with Stephany from the second year. It was a bit of a problem since it was evening already but the sun was still shining, and people kept on poping up from every street, door, and car possible; PARIS WAS LITERALLY BURNING.

In our conversation we talked about guilty pleasures, and in between her list, there was a craving for thick high heeled shoes ffrom the 70's. When she said this I was completely fascinated by the idea of such an ugly shoe.

This last weekend, last friday to be precise, I woke up early and got on my way to one of my favourite and well kept secret second hand stores in The Hague. The day before, I talked to Stephany during picnic after school, and she told me I needed to go there and check out the most amazing shoe she had seen this far in there. It was something really close to her guilty pleasure she said, and she told me how mad she was going to be at me if I didn't go there and get them for myself because they didn't have her size. And so I did...never had I ever felt so drawn to such kind of shoe, IT'S SO WRONG THAT IS RIGHT!!!!!!!

I think this might be the ugliest yet most interesting pair of shoe I possess at the moment!

ps. The chic on the pictures is this one lovely babe named Miriam Assai from Sweden (DUUUUH of course she was lovely). I've had my eye on her around lookbook.nu for a while now.


These are my very first two spreads, for my lesson with the so feared Ellen Vos who happens to be the first year students' mentor. Lovely lady. Deeply in character. Always elegant. I hope I'll be able to keep up with the quality of my work which was something she really liked. I hope I wont see my head rolling out the classroom someday.


Uit de Kunst is an extremly nice cafe in Delft downtown where I took this picture during Irru's last days in Holland...well.."LAST" is a bit dramatic, but you get it. We had club sanwiches that day with ketchup, missed the crisps!

The ciggie left over I found at the steps of my school. I hd never seen such thing as a leppard print cigarrette, and I just kept on thinking: "WHO SMOKES LEPPARD PRINT CIGARRETTES?!"...I know I would at least.

Classy huh?


Just some really nice pictures I've taken about in The Hague and Rotterdam lately.

Since my bee ef hasn't been around for almost a week now I've been wandering the streets on my own. It's nice and SO WORTH IT to just take your time while walking down the street, to just STOP, take your camera out and capture a moment. If you click on teh first picture you will be able to read what's on the panel. I thought it was pretty sweet!


Though I'm still trying to deal with a life-lasting trauma, I loved these times.
The ones who were there know what I mean.


These hips CERTAINLY WONT LIE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA shakira shakira shewolffffff. (My excuses to everyone about this post. Inside joke. Just...ignore it.)



They just keep on pouring! I've met so many nice people on these first weeks of school. Not only from the fashion and textile department but also from the rest of the rest of the departments...especially from graphic design and photography; the fine arts kids are quite amusing as well!

And so these are some of my classmates. My closest classmates this far I could say. As #1 is Mandy who is a total cutie but is very camera-shy, BUMMERRRRR, I'll make sure I get her incognito next time. In #2, 3 and 4 we have Milou who's insane and has a sick style (actually all these gurlies do). And as alst but not least, from # 2 in the striped shirt, we have Maxime who was my room mate during our excursion to Paris some weeks ago, had a total blast togetha!

I think I'll be posting these faces a lot around here from now on!