GOT HER TODAY! and as a gift!

my stepfather's mother's sister (lool) had told my mom she had an old machine she wasn't using anymore that she could give to me, but that I had to see it first cause maybe I wasn't going to like it. But oh Jesus, I never thought it would be this old AND lovely looking t the same time! so gentle, with such nice shape and colour (luuuuuuuv the turquoise).

Ladies and gents, my new best friend for the next 4 years!


Unfortunately I think I wont ever get tired of repeating that phrase................................:'(



Tradition! just keeping up the tradition.

I came home last night around 8. It's been so nice to be back this time, the south just seems different. I guess the feeling has changed since it was my decision to come back; it wasn't a _must_ anymore. But of course we must, and will always have to visit our parents once we leave the nest, but y'all get what I mean riiiiiiiiiiiight?

Ever since I moved out, and my older cat died, everyone around here had been a bit bummed and the vibe in the house wasn't the same old cheery one. Therefore my parents decided the family needed a replacement, or just a "new member". So here he is! our tiny green eyed baby panther. He is so amazing, though last night I almost died of an allergy episode before going to bed, and it all pointed to be because of the cat. I hope I'm only allergic to his baby fur cause otherwise this is going to be hell.




The day she wore her Comme de Garcons for the first time. This is how we celebrated.


Ok, so the day I was walking downtown and I spotted these 2 fierce babes, the one with the adorable flashy african pattern dress was not yet wearing her fake Versace poncho (which I very much loved as well). It was almost like she felt the camera's present and decided to strike her "I'm being harrassed by the paparazzi" self-defense mechanism.

After I took the picture I didn't want to take (meaning, this one) and I stared at her with my bare eyes, I realised she wasn't alone, and that her girlfriend was wearing a matching "Fendi" poncho!.

These kind of people trully make so so happy.


Just...the ussual at the textile workshop.

1. My Tamagotchi knit.

2. Mandy wishing she could be a size zero like her boyfriend.

ps. Mandy sista gurl, thank u so much for all of your extra lunch I've eaten this far. Your momma is tha very best! x


Shots that I had completely forgotten to put up from the AAARGH exhibition 2 weeks ago in The Hague. Selected students from different departments at school were chosen to show their work there that night. After the whole exhibition ceremony there had to be, naturally, an opening party. We danced till we ran out of breathe and had a lot of lot of wine..red wine...club-red wine....aka shit wine.

Anywhore! I think the second years from fashion did a beautiful job creating their own windows which BTW! were Bijenkorf-sized windows; the size of window we would all love to see our stuff on.

ps. for better photos of all trenchcoats click here!


So I was very close right now to just post tons of pics of my classmates' skirt toiles. The pictures were taken last monday when we had our last lesson with Erik before holidays and the doorpas. But I rather not do it. Besides the fact that I don't know what their reactions would be like if they found out that their not so perfect looking try out is visible and available for everyone on the net, I also think it's better to keep it all for ourselves till the big day. Or at least till we have the final fittings and all the toiles have a definite look.

But to make it up for the pics I didn't post, here it is a picture of Sylvana who is one of the sweetest girls in the class, with huge green eyes, and a killer wardrobe. I just love how she's one of the few girls I've seen around rocking long skirts and owning it.



Today during our 3 hour brake (lovely huh?) I decided to pass by that super expensive, ultra exclusive boutique you all know about. Okay okay it's only the kringloop, but I just can't help keep on coming back. This one is definetly my favourite. Last time I was there I found such lovely stuff which were not exactly at all for me, but hey...if I find something for you, I will also feel like you have to have it. This time was kinda the same. I found 3 adorable sweaters, 2 for Ce, 1 for my sis, a black transparent shirt and a bag for myself.

This dress was right in the middle of the store. I still feel so drawn to this kind of pieces. I love to picture the girl who got married in such dress and felt absolutely gorge in it. I love to picture her make up, nails, RING!, shoes, hairdo head piece, groom, party, family and friends, honey mooon hotel, girlfriends....so there I am standing in the middle of the store always; just drooling.



So these are pics from last week's friday at the opening of the atelier of a hell lot of lovely people.
For that day, each designer made some sort of mini exhibition on their working spaces and these are some of the stuff the caught my attention the most...and well, Cedric is no designer but still he made part of the exhibition as well since he also has a spot at the atelier which he will be sharing with eitje head Maarit (a.k.a Marir). I also understood that I will be able to go there whenever I need to and just work on a tiny corer in between all of them, (also vacume clean after their mess) so thanks for that one babez!.

1. Annemarije enjoying one of those fabulous and elaborate apple pinchos.

2. Me in one of Lidewij's designs. It was super warm and comfy! it was only a pitty that I ended up being allergic to it and got itchy eyes =(.

3. Leslie's super smart model choice in her creations from back in 2007. Just loved these boys' faces!


This is what I've been busy with lately, and my biggest worry at the moment. I'm suposed to finish my second prototype for monday's lesson with Erik; started yesterday, didn't have to for it today, and need to finish it tomorrow. The idea is not that complicated, it just requires a lot of pleats, time, and patience. I'm trying to create volume by not just layering but by expanding fabric and make it all look voluminous with something that is not. This far, the teachers were not that happy with this concept but I hope I will make a different impression on monday. So wish me luck for tomorrow and even more for the next day!

Today I spent the whole day with my family. I had not seen them probably since I moved out, after they brought all my stuff over. We had club sandwiches downtown and some coffee and tea in my room afterwards.