Just like white fresh new laundry (though I haven't graduated yet) these times start to feel like that SO FRESH N SO CLEAN new start is about to pop a new path right open in front of me; and I can't wait to strut down that motherfucker!!!!!!!!

Last night was really funny, a holy fan hit me up on skype and told me to get my shit together blogpost-wise; "IT'S BEEN OVER A MONTH!" he screamed while clapping his hands. So shout-out to sweet Cole from Canada. Long story short: for last wednesday I had to have 7 outfits ready in front of a really important panel of teachers and guest judges for one of my last school presentations this year! now I can finally breathe again.....for a while.

So here I am, giving spring looks in this shiny grey unborn lamb vest, white turtle neck and light viscose pants. An outfit that, in our borderline daily dutch weather, you could be either happily light and warm enough, or begging you would've worn a coat on top of it all.

Here two of my new favorite releases this month. Both Harlem, NY banjee princesses are about to release even more goodies real soon: Azealia's album 'Broke With Expensive Taste is due this summer and Wavy's mixtape "Schoolgirl Kingpin The Double Sided Tape" could hit the streets anytime from now! though release dates are just as relevant and trustworthy as tabloid gossip, I'll keep on hanging no matter what.