This post is dedicated to contradiction.

Just like white Cartier leather bags and Playboy jogging pants clash together.

Just like a Love Aesthetics post would clash against this one.

Last week I listened to Aaliyah, Missy Elliot and Mary J Blige's albums one after the other; and I was amazed about how all three albums were all about men, love, relationships, disappointment, ecstatic love and just that one crazy roller coaster love can be. We need each other and I think our generation tends (wants) to forget that. Thank heaven cry babies (Lana, Sky...) and lost romantics still exist.

My graduation collection, also based on excessive and obsessive ways of loving, is called "You Only Live Twice" and is as well my way of telling this story about contradiction in a visual way. Life's too short to just be a certain way forever and you live as many times as you want as long as you decide to do so.

My sweet sweet boyfriend and all time photographer is shopping the final selection of the collection's photoshoot next to me as I type this. The shoot took place yesterday and I'M DYING to just let the whole world see it, but I need to be strong and make sure nothing slips through twitter, facebook or instagram....but you all will see them go around real real soon.

Here a sneak peak of what happened; use your imagination for now!




Zara coat, Céline DIY t-shirt, MMMxHM candy wrap clutch, thrifted green silk pants, thrifted Bally boots.
Although we're in properly in May already! and we got some sun over here, weather in the NL is not entirely t-shirt friendly yet.

So instead of whining about it, I rather see it as the time to wear all those fly light coats which are too light for winter and too heavy for summer nights. Light and flowy silk pants feel quite appropriate to match with too!

Days get longer and afternoons magical. Just like this royal blue sky, afternoon lighting has been and will forever be one of my weaknesses.

Last night's dreams were a proof to me that from now on I need to start writing AND drawing the shit I design, come up with or say in dreams. Last night was an overload of amazing designs which I saw people wearing, which don't really exist, which means I designed them BUT which I can barely remember. And I recall waking up in between and thinking: I need to draw this right now, and then thinking: nah I'll remember this one....NO YOU WON'T YOU DUMB HOE. Thank god I discussed some of the things I could remember with my BF over breakfast and new lovely ideas popped up.

I also dreamt I shaved my whole head completely and missing my long hair RIGHT away. As this was the highest and most lucid point of the dream I looked the meaning for a britney moment up and this is a symbol of humbleness and humility.

Do I look like I'm faking it enough?
Do you think I'm bitching it enough?
Do you think I'm faking it enough?
Do I look like I'm smart enough?
Do I look like I'm being good enough?
Do you think I am selling out enough?
Am I pushing it too far enough?
Do I look like I'm losing touch enough?



My sis is on holidays and therefore crashing at my place again.

So this is us being beauty queens, showin what we gots and using hair as weapons of visual mass destruction.

I lost my cross necklace and this makes me really sad.........

But life goes on. I should act as if I never had it. Cause with nothing we come here and with nothing we leave. We don't own anything and nothing or nobody owns us.


As you wrap one collection up, half way you start already fantasizing of the next one.

These are some pictures of what might be coming up, or at least the beginning of it .

Dealing with some pigmentation issues on animals, chromosomes and abandoned, worn out church dresses for pre-teenage vapid black girls.

If there's something that school has taught me in these four years is: OKAY, don't give out or explain ALL your ideas, but don't keep them all locked up either. Half of the ideas you have in storage will only florish once you share them.

I honestly CAN'T WAIT to start designing without school's consentment; without feeling like what I TRULLY want to do won't be understood or accepted. Can't wait to trully fuck with people's minds with what's trully inside my head!