1. Kanye West - Bound 2
When it comes to KIMYE I like me some more KIM than the YE to be honest. But I have to give it to him and this video is on-point. As confusing and awkward as it is, it stands perfectly for the idiotic times we live in. It says: HI IT'S KIM AND KANYE AGAIN, YOU HATE US BUT THAT'S WHY YOU LOVE US. THIS VIDEO IS FOR YOU AND BY YOU. KEEP ON TALKIN AND WE'LL KEEP ON CASHIN WHILE RIDIN THIS BIKE XOXO KIMYE. I think Kim looks gorgeous and this video would have been eternally iconic without Kanye in it.

2. Lana del Rey - TROPICO  
Teaser 1 was painfully short and adorable-dreamy. Teaser 2 was trippy, provocative and disturbing in the best of ways, but full trailer was just one fast blood-pumping sneak peak into a beautiful gang you'd kill to be part of. For now I'm trying to bare these two weeks till release date with the unreleased tracks compilation I never new about?!
3. Sky Ferreira - Night Time, My Time
Sky most definitely keeps on pushing the right buttons but with invisible fingers. There's an air of sex, drugs and a hardcore lifestyle you can't really point out. The magic of immaculate direction! I feel like this video could have been the trailer for a great art house film or a really cute HOOCHIFIED LOLITA spread on italian VOGUE or W magazine.
4. Britney Spears - Britney Jean
If you never liked Britney don't even try getting into this, cause this album feels like Home Sweet Home. Meant obviously for the girls and the gays, Brit gives us some good old Baby One More Time vibes with shameless club beats you wish you could refuse to like.

It's been raining good music for the last couple of weeks! and it doesn't stop here but I'll keep my new goodies for later!

All in all I love how most of my favorites are finally going back to their roots and embracing what once made them big. And if not that, then breaking free from an image they were no longer in tune with. No one is doing the "I'm trying this new sound" kind of thing. They know we want it here, now, we want to feel it, know it, understand it and own it. Ain't nobody got time for new sounds.



wearing Polo Ralph Lauren coat, Dolce & Gabbana long sleeve t-shirt, Célinesque second hand woolen pants.

photos by Cédric.

While in Paris I learnt that we should all be listening to what 19 year olds have to say; they know best. Though this doesn't mean their ideology might be 100% right, 19 is the age of most clarity within the teen years. The age when believing in yourself and making cut throat decisions comes the easiest. So at my 23 I realized I need to turn 19 again.


Paris, unlike my age, never disappoints...whatelse can I say. I feel so lucky to be able to come here so often. Too much Paris will never be enough. It's the most fun to have done the usual Paris-routine SO many times, that simpler things like this wet and shiny rainy night seem way more relevant than shopping or hanging at the places to see and bee seen.

These Célinesque woolen pants I've worn FINALLY for the first time since I bought them last summer. At this point of the year my legs start to need some shelter from the cold too which opens a whole new door of possibilities within the leather and woolen pants stash. For only 4€ and with no brand or a sign of wash indications, they could've easily been part of a uniform or homemade by someone who really needed them or simply dreamt of them. In any case, it's my time now to make my dream outfits come true in them, and what better place to start making dreams come true than Paris?



photos by Cédric.

I tried to get life back on track after Berlin but within less than a week I was rolling again and this time to the south of France with pit stops in Brussels and Paris. The in-Laws are in need of a summer house in the picturesque L'Isle sur la Sorgue and I could tag along to check everything was okay with the pool and jacuzzi.

And because the eye needs to travel, this was me in Brussels. I'm really enjoying  getting back into my chunky sweaters again. Because it's cute and because it's needed.

Being warm is one thing but being warm in a two-tone Olivier Strelli cable knit is another.



photos by Cédric.

Iphone cases were that thing I always waited to get into because the right one had never really crossed me before.

Remember my shady Céline parody tee DIY? although I don't wear the t-shirt as often as I'd like and the case is extremly narcissistic for me to wear, I still dare to wear it because: 1. it was my bf who had it made for my bday, 2. I don't look like myself and 3. why the F not!

The white rubber babe is wrong but right in so many ways. It's DIS magazine meets Street Fighter meets Hentai meets sculpture meets Second Life meets 3D. And when you see something and so many good references ring so many bells, impulse shopping seems perfectly natural and reasonable for once.



wearing boyfriend's Bill Tornade blazer, Ann Demeulemeester robe, white shirt by 2, velvet ASOS skinnies and Zara boots.

So this was Berlin for me!

I have to say I'm a bit ashamed of not really having amazing pictures of the place nor of the things I bought which have all the potential in the world for great outfit posts. But oh well, at the end this trip was more of a fun and relaxing trip more than a sight-seeing and culturally-rich one (not that those things aren't fun! but you get what I mean).

All we did was: shop, window-shop, have delicious lunches, dinners and had lovely long brainless conversations over huge cups of coffee. It was long ago I was on a trip with no I MUST feeling over anything.

This black robe is one of the things I bought at CASH on my days of hunt there which I'm SO happy with. It's the coziest thing ever without giving you a slouchy nor lazy look. You can tie it from the inside for a slimmer look but as well as from the outside if you're trully cold and need to warm up within your layers. CASH is the retro, younger sibling belonging to one of Berlin’s most ambitious fashion stores Apartment. Located right around the corner from it's big bro, once in this tiny bunker style space you will be trying on clothes in an out of order industrial elevator and might easily underestimate the large amount of beautiful pieces and the highness of labels it holds.



Styled by Jayson Hindley.
Just another shoot that hit me right where I like it.

Backstreet boy hairdo, Cholo-chic, and sick chokers.

These are my favorite shots although the rest of the shoot is just as delish.

God knows I even thought of cutting my hair like this for a second.

After I spotted this shoot on Instagram on my way to Berlin, I got so obsessed about the idea of finding chokers just like these. But I think I might've been shopping on the wrong areas cause I didn't really find any. The hunt is definitely not over though!

Can't wait to get my styling game back on.



Photos by Cédric.

OK so first things first CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS JACKET????????????????

And no, it's not the delicious ACNE Mape cropped jacket we're dealing with here, but a rather strikingly look-alike I found at the Waterlooplein market in Amsterdam on a tuesday for only 40e!!! Thank God my birthday was just around the corner and worked in my advantage as the perfect excuse to just add that one extra jacket that my over-capacity wardrobe needed *insert evil laugh here*.

With a slightly wider sleeve and a boxier shape than the Mape, I could almost swear this was the sample jacket responsible for ACNE's green sweetheart (oh yes I did gurl). I'm not mad about the fact that my jacket has been around either...there's just something about breaking in new leather goods that makes you want to run a marathon in them to make them look cooler.

FEEEL is just another song I'm reeeeeeeeeally into at the moment which is produced in every single sense (including video) by my friend Joeri Woudstra aka TORUS. His upcoming EP with the same name FEEEL comes out on November 18th and we all need to get our hands on it. I love the almost passive aggressive, fresh and clinical look/feeling of it all. Just really spacey and weirdly cozy considering how distant it seems from reality. And although I won't ruin the ending by saying too much, I will say it's my favorite part; something to look forwards to next time you do that lonely forest walk.



Catherine McNeil and Sasha Luss backstage at Roberto Cavalli. Taken from CR Fashion Book.

Here the new mantras!

Although You're all I See has been out since 2011, the world of Pat Grossi is a whole new world and sound revealing itself in front of me. Perfect for the state of Fall in which we're at right now, I love the sort of agonizing and melancholic tone in his voice. His new EP Rapor came out just last October, but because I'm still really loving, flying and floating with everything that hapenned on You're all I See, I'll wait to get into the EP and save all that fun for the later state of fall or when the snow finally gets here.