Starring Luke Middelburg at FIC models
Photos by Cedric
Hair & grooming by Frances Krol
and styling by you know who!

Although it was already published last week in exclusive for Fucking Young! I'm so excited to finally be able to put it out here again for the ones who check me out on the blogosphere. This has been one of my favorite shoots this far because we shot it at a huge and amazing retro store; so not only were there great furniture pieces from all decades I could play with, but as well really fun props which we decided not to get too crazy with to keep the balance between the THEN and the NOW and NEW.

Last week was CRAZY fun! I got a new job at Maison Rika , got to see good friends debut beautiful collections during Amsterdam fashion week, we got it officially TURNT at them fashion after parties, looked mad cute and then continued onto Patrick's wild birthday house get together. Then monday came around again and I had a really good go-see at ELLE magazine for an internship I'm really aiming for. Fingers crossed!

So, phew. Last night I was finally back home and had a really cool, laid back evening drinking beers over skype with the one and only Maria Tasula from Biting The Hand That Feeds and The Cashmere Hour. She's been one of my favorite bloggers for a long while now and although Biting the Hand That Feeds is still to be continued since december 2012, I still follow her instagram and facebook steps as well as her pictures on The Cashmere Hour which unfortunately (for us) is in finnish. ANYWAY, Maria is doing her Fashion Communication BA at Central Saint Martins for which she's really busy at the moment with a pack of asignments, including a fashion interview. I told her I hope she understood how flattered I was for choosing me for this interview and I also hope we can meet in person sometime soon and just talk with more beers, or WHY NOT a vodka bottle instead, out of the interview context. Big hug to a baby girl!



1. 2. & 3.  by Cédric.
song by Cosmetics - "Black Candy"
4. by Janneke van der Hagen for Contributor magazine "THE MACHINE AND ME"

This time the fashion weeks came around I was surprisingly not even a bit ready for it. Once I got into I still felt like it was hard for my brain to dettach from one week to dip into the next one. Menswear for example was not yet completely worked in my system and then came Couture along. Can't imagine what it might be like to actually hop from one show to the other irl. Probably amazing.

Thank god for Raf opening couture week at Dior though. The airy, adorable and yet high tech lasered textiles made it easier to get into the high-brow and mysterious world of couture. I loved the shoes too, so so much. High and kitten heels that looked like shiny silver sharp blades worn as buckles; all of this still delicately chain-strapped to the leg. It is a lot of fun to see how at ease and yet sexy his work for Dior's couture collections has been. Ever since he came on the picture couture stopped being all about restrictive luxury and became something that reflects more how women want to feel and not just who they want to become.

BUT BACK TO ME, I've been insanely into red at the moment. Anything in red right now just makes me feel alive and needs to be mine. These pieces are just some of the red impulsive buying I've done recently except the scarf. Nothing like a cotton cable knit and a wool t-shirt. I know it sounds kind of contradictive but these are key pieces in key materials to keep you cool in these multi-layered winters. The bag is still not all that functional yet except if you're buying your veggies but I'll find a way to wear it.

Janneke's fusion of Babe and flashy fast ride is one of my favorite pictures at the moment. Once taken out of the serie's context, it tells a really cool story on it's own but in a non-Too Fast Too Furious way. More like, a really gorgeous Puerto Rican girl born and raised in Miami working three jobs and struggling to buy some Prada.

Fashion week in Amsterdam starts this week so I can't wait to see what my friend Tessa at Maison de Faux and David Laport have to offer for their debut shows! David graduated a year before me and Tessa is from the same year as me so it's really exciting to see them go around stepping on these new grounds so soon already. Then we have the kids from Collectie Arnhem who always put up a good show and give us a lot to talk about. A lot of upcoming young aesthetics I'm really curious about!



Here something I never tried before!

This is the first time I've actually gathered my favorites so carefully in between things I simply liked and what I would actually wear. I guess all in all you can't really say something's made a comeback because nothing really ever left. We keep playing with the same furs, wools, plaids, bright graphics, shiny metallics, denim, slick hair, middle part, spikey gel look, etc etc fun fun fun. And that's all okay! please kids, let's not talk about who ripped who off, or how repetitive this and that is, or who did it first and last! just focus on the season, the legacy of each house, their crowd, and THEN formulate your thoughts!

I loved to see so many cowboys in one season! some collections had just a slight hint of it and some others (Versace) had no shame (duh) on sticking strictly to the wild wild west.

I felt like it was a really good moment for digital abstract prints too and I loved it as for women's spring 2014 there were a couple of painting-like composition on pieces (Prada) and paint made look roughly brushed over fabric (Céline). So I guess for the boys art  is still happening on computers.

Fur runway at Fendi!!! hello opulence!!!
Hedi disappointed at Saint Laurent
Diesel Black Gold made the best police motorcycle leather jackets and pants. 
Thom Browne should drop womenswear forever and make twice as big menswear collections, genius.
Dior Homme is finally moving onto my lane!
I really appreciated Carven's darkness, unexpected but lovely.
Astrid Andersen was a parody of me, I'm not even kidding.

Torn sweaters, cut out blazers, paint splattered denim and patched fabrics were king again and I trully live for all of this mess. There was a good amount of black and white graphic pieces too; good old hypnotic eyecandy. I HATED the short tie situations, it hapenned on more than one collection and I hope it never comes back.

Comme des Garçons had me going LOCO for the first time ever. The hair pieces were so beautiful and grotesque which made the perfect contrast with the cut-out suits. The copy paste of suit elements from one fabric to the other were so good! Jonathan Saunders, Lanvin and even a calm Givenchy got me feeling real good. I liked the calm basketball hood goth air. After a lot of menswear seasons of inner love/hate struggle, I gave into this fall 2014. The most recognisable print was the zoomed in basket ball, so I can deal with that...good-bye rottweilers, septums, flowers and lego robots!...who knows for how long though.

ACNE, always slays. Balmain was a bit too hip hoppafied but most of the jackets are worth crying for. And as last but not least RAF SIMONS and JW ANDERSON, Amén HALLELUJAH! JW gave us dislocated kimonos, poker card like graphic knits, the bucket leather hand bags, abstract and aspirin looking bracelets, SHOE!....*takes a deep breath*...all of that worn by the same skinny, but gorgeous looking geeky gamer boy who relaxes in Raf's abstract galaxy sweaters and iconic color palette. The orthopedic shoe at Raf I still cannot look at though, I'm sorry. I'm trying to deal with it but it's still very painful to the eye.

I hope you enjoyed my ranty men's fashion week report. I ain't no Tim Blanks and no photoshop genius either so bare with me.



This is not the first time I feature my girl Destiny around here, (yes how awesome is her name?!) but I'm almost sure last time I did was under her past kunty-reina del barrio-banjee posh princess persona Wavy Spice. But like all good artists, whenever a movement or a certain aesthetic they go by gets all of a sudden over-burnt, they feel like it's time to re-invent and step up the game into a new NEW.

Destiny now goes by Princess Nokia. A name that allows her to have more freedom within her music about her very wide personal taste. Princess Nokia still has all of the powers the afro-latina and cut throat rapping Wavy Spice did, but she also has a darker, geekier and more emotional side to her. On her new video and song "Dragons" we see a ground that she very well prepared us with Butterfly Knife Prequel, Vicki Gotti and the explosive Versace Hottie.

This new ground is cute, supernatural and weird, it's gamer romance, it's anime reminiscent and being pleasantly stuck in teenage but with a very timeless sound at the same time. The whole video fascinates me because you could place it anywhere from New York to Tokyo or even a dark cool and underground Latin America. And if you're wondering why the stomach butterflies all of a sudden? it's cause the romance is real; formal boyfriend Wiki Morales is the one video gaming, reading comics and drinking while showering with her all along.

I don't think I ever made this clear around here but when I went form HHHOLY to Holy Spice (transition which I did with her blessing!) on my previous makeover phase, a big part of the meaning behind it was an hommage to Destiny and everything she stands for. She's made me feel so proud of being a weird sassy and empowered Latin American going about the world like we own this.



photos by Cédric.

1. Jardin des Archives Nationales, Paris.
2. The Rullla - FULLA DAT.
3. Andrej & Alex.

So I'm having a bit of a hair crisis. It's been three full years since I started growing it and dreaming of long black hair...braided, tucked inside my jacket, straightened, beach-wavy, you name it I had it. And since my art school days are now over, I've wondered what will this new year bring looks wise for me. These images of Alex and Andrej remind me always of how much fun boys with long hair have and with how many things we can actually get away with; but then I think of all the things I used to do when bald-headed and I'm so tempted to do the you know what.

But the you know what is not happening yet. I just need to find a new length? cut? COLOR?...sometimes I hate my complexion just a little bit for not allowing me to have a full diva year in platinum or ashy blonde. Or I guess I could still do it and risk not being able to get a job and having to deal with roots every month. WHAT TO DO???

All advice is divinely welcome! hit me!

On another note, I'm having a job interview in a couple of hours! and diving into a total new doooooope collab with my baby Rianne Suk. The plan is to merge both our aesthetics with guilty pleasures which we had no idea we had in common! we will serve clothes, drawings, music and whatever else comes up along the way.

The last three shoots I've styled in these past months are on their ways to magazine-land so I hope they're published soon to fina fucking lly show you what I've been up to.



photos by Romeo.


My mom still hasn't seen it in real and refuses to see pictures of it again. 

I, on the other hand, could honestly not be happier with Baba's beautiful piece of work! which is now mine, forever and ever!

Baba is an _UN_believably dope and talented tattoo artist and Romeo's brother; Romeo as we all know, is the master eye behind the Love Aesthetics' lenses and imagery. Just one big talented family! which I guess I am now a part of in this symbolic way. The session took place at Ivania's home, therefore the über chic tattoo salon look. That whole day in general was SO so much fun, great and most of all inspiring. The Holy Aesthetics gang has more than one surprise prepared for the awesome year that 2014 will be.

Why Azealia? because ever since last year's MELT festival, I got a bunch of people literally hooked on her (including both Baba and Romeo) by dragging them to her gig. After that it was all history. I remember being front row right in the middle, shouting my lungs out to BBD (Bad Bitches Do it) when it hit me...I looked around, at our huge gorgeous group of friends and I thought: THIS IS US! BBD is about us.

Also, Baba's speciality is femme portraits of the baddest bitches on earth. So I had in mind a face, but then didn't know which or whose face, and then BAM it hit me, had to be miss Banks. But then I didn't really want it to be a groupie kind of thing (although it still totally is) so I went for her YUNG RAPUNXEL video persona with the triple mouth combo. Like that, the portrait is more of a freaky,  mythological creature and that's why we decided to add the albino baby snakes creeping down her hair for that Medusa kunty look.

Azealia will be coming to Amsterdam on April 1st and we're all more than ready to fuck it up with her once again! I am also determined to go backstage this time, show her my crazy leg and give her a HUGE kiss. And of course instagram the whole shit duh.



Have you ever wondered what someone's inspiration folder looks like?

What it TRULLY looks like?!

I sure have!

Sometimes by browsing through blogs and sites I get so tired from the same old boring, carefully selected and polished inspiration posts. I mean it's obvious we all love beautiful things, people and clothes; we live for the chase of the ultimate image of beauty and perfection, but I wish somewhere halfway the chase we could stop for a while and let loose of all filters and just show what we're trully made of.

This right here is a screenshot of the latest images saved onto MY inspiration folder. This is maybe the reason why I almost never do inspiration images posts, cause if I can't post them altogether, I rather not post them at all.

A friend told me yesterday I should not just air my ideas out in the open like this. That moodboards and visual ideas are very valuable nowadays which I totally get, but in the end I think inspiration folders are all about a certain language which only it's creator is able to read. Besides it's not like these images have never been seen before, it's just a different selection and arrangement.

I hope this becomes a thing! just like #TBT and #selfies! a once a month blogger habit when we all drop the bullshit and get real. Cause not even Pinterest can top the power of a screenshot!



photos by Cédric.

Resolutions were made to be broken; just like fortune cookies and pocket mirrors.

These Crowne Plaza mirrors on the other hand were made for you, me, us not to walk out that lobby looking like a hot Parisian mess. They're perfect, huge, well lighten and they're right beside the elevators so no detours are needed to be done on your way out.

I can say I've worn this Celinesque lumber shirt for half a holiday season last december! I mean it's not only about the infamous laundry bag plaid resemblance that miss Philo has made now so viral, but also about these colors; they trully cheered my Xmas and brighten them dark winter days up. And since such days are unfortunately anything but gone yet, I'll keep on wearing it or at least hope to find an even better one.

Now, THE BAG. Metal handle, cube format, YES. How adorable but evil can a bag be at the same time?! I've always had this weakness for tiny (actually useless) handbags...the kind that holds iPhones, credit cards and lipgloss only. Unfortunately they're always way too petit, delicate and femenine looking for me to pull off but this one just had my name written all over it. Found at what I think it's now my favorite vintage shop EVER in Antwerp, for a very reasonable price I finally have that one perfect VIP things-bag I've looked for so long.

At the moment I'm obsessed with everything that Fairuza Balk wore on "Almost Famous" and I have a new twitter account. So if you used to follow me, please do so again. I needed to get rid of a lot of poo I talked this past year and I also felt like most of my ex-followers were lazy hanging lurkers with no interaction skills...I'm generalising shamelessly now of course. Or maybe I did talk a lot of shit no one really cared about! in any case, whatever it is, you can always tell me, ask, snapchat, PM me, anything me! I love reading anything you have to say so please HOLLER!