1. Jessica Mort Fall.
2. Drew Henry.

VFILES, HBA, Prabal Gurung, The Row, MARNI!!!, Jacquemus!!!, Tom Ford, Simone Rocha, Prada, Emilio Pucci....and although PFW just started and is still going on, these are the names I'll put my hands in the fire for this fashion month. The rest can burn. Not literally but you know what I mean.

The fashion weeks just passed us by and I snoozed throughout the whole thing. I never thought I would become the kind of person that could feel so bored with a 95% of collections throughout a whole fashion month but maybe fashion is moving on and the bitch dumped me far behind. Thank god Nicolas Ghesquiere is still to make his debut at Louis Vuitton aka probably what we all need. The king was gone for far too long and no one knew what to "reference" anymore lol. any which way I know he will shake things up for good or for good. Orelse I can always expect Phoebe to knock me off my chair as usual.

But now you must think, why is he taking such a big dump on the fashions but then praising and entirely selection of wooly army green outfits with goat fur skins hanging out their pockets? well maybe I DID lose it and it's starting to show, but I love it this way. I rather act like a sour looney for a season than be part of a world where everyone goes nuts over Mcdonalds inspired ready to wear.

Let's more talk Central Saint Martins' MA class of 2014. Out of eleven collections, I had three favorites including one of the L'oreal prize winners, Michael Power, but these two right here just really called my name out. I love how both of them read as uniforms but within the constant flow of military or rugby aesthetics they both evolve into contemporary bizarrities.



1.  A friend wired a picture of this boot to me earlier on whatsapp today and I've been daydreaming of summer and festival outfits ever since.

2. CHICKEN GREASE is Jayson Hindley's latest styling stunt, shot by Sam Bayliss Ibram, which once again presses all the right buttons in me. The models add a lot to the type of boy he tries to create everytime and I think he does a great job at that. And although half of the shoot consisted of really gorgeous black and white photos as well, I'm still sticking to these colorful and steamy ones....okay the second last one is one of my favorites too but I think that might have to deal with Jordan Barker's smile more than anythingelse. Sorry not sorry. Check the rest of the story here.

Dream Lover by The Paris Sisters on Grooveshark




Courtney Love's LOVE ON LOVE is as I said, the second best thing to happen online for our generation's lost hope on love after IMBOYCRAZY.COM.

Although there's only 2 episodes out and each lasts around five minutes only, Love is shown in front of her computer adressing live questions from fans via skype about all things love! 

Her answers can be very long and substantial or very short and shocking, but either way I think it was around fucking time we heard Courtney talking to the cameras about somethingelse than her troubled past, drugs and relationship with the most gorgeous rockstar that ever lived. But maybe it's because of that same reason that she has such a wise side to her and it's only lovely to see her clean, on top of her game, still making music and giving back to the fans! even if it's only 5 minutes!

So if you are a fan, you will defo have a laugh and hit that subscribe button! but if you're not and you have never been able to handle even 5 minutes of a Courtney Love's rant on anything then you should skip this post...or maybe you shouldn't?! and become a fan right after this post? or do whatever you want to be honest, your loss anyway.

As a bonus: two of my favorite late pictures of Courtney keeping rock alive.

By Francesco Carrozzini for Interview Russia november 2013.



photos by Cédric.

The third photoshoot of 2014!

HUGE thanks to Eric Hirdes whom openned the doors of his gorgeous painting atelier once again for us to make this story happen. The first time I stepped into it, was around my graduation period last year and I was so stunned by how perfectly daylight had it's reflection on all the tiny paint drops of his dark wooden floors; I knew then this place had huge photogenic potential.

So the whole idea was to make the gorgeous Roel look like the artist and atelier owner. A young succesful painter who is portrayed within his artistic bubble posing for the lens at different stages of his day, carreer or however you'd like to see it.

Roel was all over the runways last Men's Fashion Week including Burberry and Valentino in between other heavy names! so we were very proud of having the opportunity to shoot with him.

Here below, "Lock Up" by BC Kingdom and a picture of spanish hyperrealistic painter Eloy Morales....YES, this is a photograph of a painting! not only is he bomb-diggity-handsome, but the photographic quality of his self-portrait paintings are trully stunning.

BC Kingdom - Lock Up



wearing hema white t-shirt, sleeveless trenchcoat, broken sweater found at school, motorcycle racing pants and Prada platform oxfords.

photos by Cédric.

It trully feels like we fooled winter this year

So I'm starting to work on my summer hip hop abs

And you should too, cause we had time enough

The nicest hair is the one you don't give a fix to in a whole day

The nicest hair is also always too greasy to go out of the house

The I'm a Slave 4 U Britney kind of greasy which only looks good on I'm a Slave 4 U and on Britney

Sometimes it just feels the best right before it ends

Last night I dreamt I went back to Colombia which looked like a mix of Mexico and Paris. I was wearing a white cotton dress (?!) and was being driven really fast in a baby blue convertible old timer with white leather interior (I was probably in Cuba). I was listening to house music with wind in my hair till two bitches who sat next to me (all of a sudden) tried stealing my iPod.

I didn't know I had an iPod till it was gone

Everyone's breaking up around me

Maybe they don't know what they had either...yet

Blue joke, indelicate stroke



photos by Meinke Klein.
styled by Phoebe Arnolds.

Just another story that draws a smile on my face; the attitude, the name, the clothes, THE BOYS!

The wonder duo Meinke Klein are one of the few around here that can deliver time after time such joyful and effortless productions at the same high end level than everyone else and even higher. Like all PROs, they just make it all look so easy.

But my hat goes off to Phoebe too as her styling for this shoot is so on my lane it only makes me feel and think like DAMN! why didn't _I_ come up with this! I love the latino-fied thing going on with the braids, hip hop chain and sunglasses as well as the cowboys, the torero air, 70's shimmer, moustaches and stoner white boy look.

This is just another reminder of the usual january-february sudden crave for spring and summer every year! by this time we're all done with layering, the comfy cocoon-like coats and rather start losing them clothes than keep on covering up; even if that would mean catching the meanest cold ever. Fake summer till you make it summer.

And as last but most deff not least, I leave you to TRUST's new song to match the level of Meinke Klein's steaminess.



1. New favorite abstract homo erotic tumblr find.
2. THE BEST J.W. Anderson ad campaign this far. S/S 14
3. The attack of Pope Francis' peace doves by the bizarrely teamed seagul and crow. An apocaliptic painting-worthy composition.
4. More ad campaign perfection by Guess. 1997
5. Valentin Silverstrov - "A Silent Song". The lyrics (see bio) are really cute. Perfect for late rainy/snowy nights. ("A dream")



Photos by Boris Postma.
Models: Dieudonnee and Maurits @ Rocket Garage 
Make up & hair: Frances Krol
Styling by moi!

In exclusive for Elsewhere zine #02 - RIOT issue.

I guess by knowing the issue's subject was RIOT there's not much left to explain right? except the fact that maybe I'll think twice before tying and taping models faces next time with non skin-friendly materials, woops!

It was good to finally be able to work with Boris since we're good friends and he made it to my new years resolution list of "talented photographer friends I need to work with already". And although this shoot was based on a concept and vision which is more close to his world and aesthetic than mine, there's still plans of getting together again to create a new story that fits both of our worlds.

As for now I'm happy to have stepped out of my comfort zone and have created that one picture of Dieudonnee (another awesome name) where she looks like jLo's daughter running away with a brand new pair of sneakers from the mall in an ostrich feather bra, black grape earrings and Moncler jacket!

for more of my styling stunts click here! x



So video starts with what sounds like a lil shady chit chat in between gay boys shredding someone's wig to pieces. Which is, a very good start for any music video of course! cause there is no time nor tolerance for messy wigs!

Beat hits, and then you hear HIM, without seeing him. Then the voice fools you to think there's a straight dope rapper behind all of it which makes you wonder, why the shade?? but then you see HIM and you HEAR HIM at the same time and you go like WAIT WHAT?! what just hit me?! and after that it's only a matter of seconds for your mind (if you're smart) to make the needed connections to realize you're watching something ve-ry special. In my case this was exactly what both my ears and eyes needed at the moment. Shoutouts to Princess Nokia for enlightening me with the future!

I decided to dedicate a whole post to Jay Boogie because I love how effortlessly he floated throughout the whole song. The flow is calm and clear but hard and kunty at the same time. Outfits, make-up, hair and nails are on point but nothing is set to be a screaming statement. Something that's been trully refreshing to my eyes right now mostly coming from a gay rapper, NO SHADE!

But I'm not gonna be the one saying he's good because "he sounds like a straight male rapper"...that would be trully unfair. but I will clarify that this proves ONCE MORE that rap is not something that straight black men only specifically do. I'm glad we live in times when there's a little something for everybody; for the boys into gay rappers, for the girls into girl rappers, but for the girls and boys (no matter straight or gay) into all kinds rappers! And although I know the rap and music scene in general is still ruled by men mostly, I'm glad again there's so many minorities speaking up and saying WE'RE HERE AND NOT GOING ANYWHERE, SO EAT IT.

Hope you enjoy the video and music as much as I did and shoutouts to Jay too! much love to you boo! can't wait to see you pop more of these.