Kenneth Anger '65 - 'Kustom Kar Komandos'
"I want a dream lover, so I don't have to dream of loooooove"
<3<#3<33 style="text-align: left;">"Kustom Kar Kommandos evokes the Dream Lover, but as a blind for the Charioteer of the Tarot Trumps. Infinitely more subtly, it restates the theme of Fireworks. It is about the simultaneous longing for and illusory attainment of an ideal. Anger's camera gliding with the delicacy of a scrap of down caresses it with a giant white powder puff. The images are suffused with a pink glow from the background, the Maker appears in complementary azure. The film starts with a ?waking? image of the Kar door opening into the camera to show the Scorpio-red inside, and then moves through ten lingering, indefinable dissolves which completely circle the Kar, eventually returning to the original shot, but with the Maker this time getting into the Kar, settling and driving off. The images center on the powder puff twice brushed by tiny erotic gusts, the incarnation of the spirit of a move: very campy, but also achingly precarious. In a hallucinatory shot of Sandy?s reflection on the inside of the passenger Kar door, there is a moment of fusion - the color elements (pink, azure, red, and the dull amber of the Kar itself) fuse and the Maker and Kar are one. The final shot of the sequence shows his face serene, impassive, moving as if directed by some non-conscious force: he drives off. Every night I hope and pray a Dream Lover will come my way."


The Evil Bling.

GRRRRRRRRR so she's ready!

My black black african mamba skin imitation, my black swarovsky wannabe is ready and lookin' bangin'.

Barbie ft. Lily Donaldson

Illustrations courtesy of my sister, Lucci.


Whatever happened to my one and only youtube idol BIG ELECTRO?! today I tried to look him/her/they/it up, and youtube took a big red sign saying that the account had been suspended! if all this is because of copyright i think it's pathetic. Youtube is the most merciless pirate's channel when it comes to copyright. Where the hell am I suposed to get my exclusive tunez now? my designer tracks....=(.

Night Hunger

So it's 2.16 in the mornig and I'm still up. I'm finally done with the jacket's collar but I will be posting the pics tomorrow..or later after I've had my poor hours of beauty sleep. The thing is, that as I was going on about cosmopolitan lifestyles, wine, boy drama, languages and night hunger with Aapo (especially about night hunger: the moment you decide to go to bed, and you all of a sudden get heavenly thoughts of the most beautiful looking and amazingly tasting snacks to have...right after you brushed you teeth) I decided to not be such a whiner, go downstairs and get myself some chocolate milk. My point being!: as I came back to my room, I get an e-mail from the mtv.com's The city's blog about Kelly Cutrone, the almighty boss of the PR agency People's Revolution. If I understood well, Kelly signed up to an eight episode deal with Bravo and the show will have it's focus on People's Revolution and "strong women in the workplace". I could tell you my dear I will be more than delighted to see the comeback of such straight forward potty-mouthed character to my screen.

"This is how you do it in the power bitch world" - Kelly C.


Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry with your girlfriends.

I had completely forgotten about these cuties! just a while ago by going through my old magazines in look for references for the Dresscode Reminder flyer for the Enchante party, I found this Richard Prince mini news brief me and my sister got from Pop Tradrers (Maastricht) last year when we were wandering around on her birthday. The third picture is not by him though, (I guess you could tell?) but me, I took it while being on the train some weeks ago, coming back home. I was trying to take pics of some trees I thought were cool, but of course the train was going way too fast for pics (duuuh) and I didn't get the trees BUT that picture instead of the american trailer property. I though it was the most adorable honest mistake. I thought it blended in the concept quite perfectly. For more of his work I recommend you check his "girlfriends, "parties", and "upstate photographs".


I found her today while walking down a street, on someone's back yard's wooden door. She was desperately but still subtly craving for attention. A fine dame from back in the 95's; in dark emerald green velvet and red lipstick. HOLLERRR.

This is why we should all have our cameras 24/7 with us.

Story of my life


Lost in Space

Here one of those illustrators who make you wish you had a whole day to stare at their goodies.
Melissa Murillo aka MEYOKO.

Itchy Boogie Funk's in the Air

So the forty-two-year-old vegan blogger is back!!!

You just gotta love him. Whenever I see an interview of him it can never get to my head how such a introverted, reserved and blank looking dude can come up with such brilliant stuff. For his 4th record he goes on about rockstars, clubs, drugs and his 3 singles this far sound like the good old funky 90's house and space-age-Abba shimmers at the same time.

Disco Lies

A strong and comic view on people who eat meat. Embraced by a human-size yellow chicken in a suit jacket and a purple PIMP hat, taking revenge on his consumers.

Ooh Yeah

The girls in the video personificate Lust in the ussual cliche ways. Lots of red lipstick, sweaty shiny skin, faded sunnies, tongues come and go, ending with slow motion shots of their booties getting sprayed by.........................another girl with a hose pipe HAHA gotcha.

And last but not least, my fave, I Love to Move in here

As many said this far, it's kind of a tribute to NYC's fast and hot clubbing scene, featuring the fierce Lady Bunny on stage and a veeeery but very cute small little midget dressed as a clown with a glowing face who just dances in between people catching Moby's attention. At the very end there's a glowing octopus that appears all of the nothing, totally random, but he seems to be the funkiest of them all getting the crowd's love and applause.

Actually just get the whole record. 'It's gonna kill', like our mentor Blair Waldorf said. X0X0

Butch Queen

This morning I went out to throw the trash out and I could hear that hideous carnival music to the distance. I can't wait 'til tuesday where all of it will be over, people's grandparents won't dress up as scary-looking junkie drag queens and all the tri-color little clowns all around the city will be removed from public space. Maybe this is one of those things I'm not ready to handle yet about these new culture. Maybe I'm just jealous. Maybe next year I will be in between all of them as a bright yellow drinking beer mega chicken throwing candies in the air. But for now it's definitely not on my TO DO's list. After throwing the trash, I had to wash the trash-can and now my right hand smells like rotten food. Maybe Maybe. Back to my jacket.

Hello again!

New blog! and he didn't call me today. I'm hooked and so not sleepy. My ipod refuses to work still and I have many beats to attach to my boring milk denim jacket to make it look like the ultimate expensive black Python. Oh well, now I have you my blogging love. The one I'll talk to when they're all gone. Aava! check it out and tell me what you think. This weekend I'm back to my bad eating habbits and I can even feel it in my body. So bad. Today was saturday and was quite boring, carnival in the morning (yaaay?) and then back home. Tomorrow twice as boring but only healthy food, of that I'll make sure. Now back to the Python wannabe. Tot tomorrow. x

Fear Based.

Because I take myself too seriously.
Because I think too much.
Because the only thing to fear is fear itself.

Here I am finally and at last forming part of the blogging gang.

Let's celebrate to my "Today's most listened". Sounds like Dolphins!

People, M83; M83, People.