Music for the odd lovers.
I miss you.



This is me, documenting yesterday's sunset. It was thursday, and as every thursday on my new school schedual, I have a free day. I spent my whole day indoors, just being fat and bored, and to be honest it made me kinda sick. So it was about 7 thirty something when I just grabbed my keys, put on my jacket and shoes and took a walk around d@ hO0d.

And though the kids around here have made very clear they don't like me, I still went for it, fuck it, they don't own giuliu's hood, oh no.

It was surprisingly cold and I finally found the war's graveyard. I had passed it by once or twice by car, but never memorized how to get thre. It's all very slim and tidy looking. Cause there's no better hang around than a cute graveyard. Once there, I was minding my own business again when, of course, the nosy peasants started stretching their necks over the bushes to see who was that midget in the big hooded jacket. I don't really blame them if they got spooked though; I'm small, and when I wear that new jacket of mine you can't tell if I'm a small skinny grandma or just some random dude out of a movie's ceremony scene.

The sky and lightig wasn't of course THAT blue, but it WAS very blue. It was just lovely to see the sky turn from that baby blue into a more electric-royal tone. Reminded me of my all time king of avant garde, Kenneth Anger's Rabbit's Moon.


50+50+1=pure love

These 2 I got yesterday when I got to my new second hand paradise for the first time. The 2 little squirrels were 50 cent each (L) and this magnificent cigarrette case was only a euro. When I first saw it I thought: pfff how pathetic looking, but then I turned it around and it was gold, so I went like hmmm, and then opened it and it was gold to the power of 2 and i went HUHUMMMM! and then! I realise that the weird detachable golden extra piece thing at the bottom is nothing more and nothing less than a lighter! AND IT STILL WORKS!

I'm just totally loving it, cause it's so pimp-alicious and it doesn't necesarilly needs to be used as a cigarrette case but you can just set your most important cards in, little papers, maybe even coins and all your 500 euro bills.

ps. Cutie, the squirrels are for you!

Keep holding my hand. It's so we don't get separated

DISGRACE! summer is here, and it's already fucking with me.

Previously in winter, I could have gone to this gorgeous park 2 blocks away from my house, in a coconut bra and zebra print latex pants if I wanted to, but as the weather gets warmer, my beautiful private park as I like to think of it, gets more full of my detested buurmeisjes and jongens. SORRY hunnies, but I have tried...I have tried hard to not be cynical, to be tolerant, to "adapt", TO NOT MAKE FUN OF YOUR HORRIBLE SENSE OF STYLE, to ignore, but I've just had it with all these hillbillies. Can you believe it? nowadays one can't even get in between the bushes to snap a couple of cute artsy pictures because the little idiots are all around feeling hot, cool, brave and ready to pick up a fight.

ANYWAY, I should not even be wasting my time writing about them BUT about these 2 adorable creations that were given to me today. Yes, I did not even buy them, I totally upgraded the second hand gem finding business. To not make the story too long, what happened is the following: I woke up, felt generous, took a handful of old clothes I did not want in my closet anymore and gave them away at the mega second hand store I discovered 2 days ago nearby my school. As I get ready to go out, I had a look at the clothes section and there they were, not even far from each other, like they had been put together there for me. I did not hesitate of course to ask for the price though I didn't have any money. "Well the jacket is 9 and the sweater is 3.....but since you brought so many clothes just take them with you" and KABOOM went my heart!!! It completely made my day, considering the fact I was already getting mentally prepared to let them go.

It's funny how it always goes like this, as winter ends, you start findind exactly all the stuff you were craving for during the cold times AND the other way around with summer clothes; during winter you just feel like wearing that hawt bikini already!.


Holy Celebration

"If you don't love me I'll cut your face,
with one of those shaving razors,
and for the day of the wedding I will stab you,
cut your belly button
and kill your mom"

My dear Holy has a new look. Not only is it refreshing, but it's outdoors, heart-breaking cute and straight out of Mexico. Or somewherelse fun, pathetic and warm.

Just welcoming spring and looking forwards summer; WEARING SHORTS AND TOASTED SUN BURNT SKIN!



What? like you've ever seen a unicorn before?

just snap out of it

He, Us, This feels so right, that I don't even mind posting one of the songs out of my guilty x-filed hidden pleasures. The one I wish they played at the club,
the one I like to get dressed with when I'm about to go out,
the one big fat cheery queery song.
Because house music rulez and I'm in love.


Call me a Romantic call me a wannabe but I'm going for it. Though the date of the appointment changed for a week later, the intention is still there. Is the head teacher of the fashion department at the Koninklijke Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague who I'm talking about. There's nothing sure yet, and as he called it, we will discuss my further plans on school and my portfolio; he'll be advising me according to what he sees in me and my work. It's a huge opportunity since in first place, I would have never been able to get to approach him if it wasn't for a very special someone who hush hushed him about me.

And though I'm a bit scared since fashion teachers are not ussually known for their subtleness but for their straight to the point opinions, I just think I really have to have something well built, with a strong yet relaxed concept and don't take myself too seriously.

This is just a one quarter tiny tiny little preview on what I have in mind for when the time comes. Precious stones, fierce raw nature, prisma multicoloured illussions, pastel toned skies and geometry meets paper cuts. All of them, names that will have to be sucked up into one whole idea. Wish me luck!


The gods, Heaven, Ground, Richness and Hell.

:((((((((((((((((( That's what my mom called me two nights ago when we were talking about my future school and the whole fashion studies thing came up once again; a Romantic.

But who, when it comes to pursuing any sense of art, hasn't been taken as a dreamer before?! I just think that's the one thing we artists gotta put up to, suck it up and ignore. Of course I know she didn't mean it wrong or in an offensive way and maybe was just trying to get me grounded and think of something more practical.

and that's what matters.

On the other hand it was only yesterday when I had my entrance examination at Rietveld. With the first comission my self-awareness got SO SO huge at the beginning that my voice got shaky at some point, and I focused on little things I shouldn't have. They also made me name contemporary artists "I looked up to" and some designer role models which I totally screwed up. Those are the kind of questions you always think you would have a perfect answer for, but when the time comes, it all becomes in a lot of spoken diarrhea. Or maybe I'm just being too harsh on myself and enjoying it. With the second comission it was all more calm. But it was also about the teachers, their vibe was way more relaxed, and they would just listen to me though I could still see in their faces the "I KNOW ENOUGH" sign. Shit, they even laughed at my shabby jokes and complimented my work. I had a long big table set for me to put all my work on. It wasn't enough so I conquered the floor and spread my everything there as well. Hopefully in a 2 or 3 weeks time a letter will slip through my mailbox saying I will have an opportunity of conquering somethingelse than Riteveld's floors.

As for the pictures of the pedestal/base assignement, I have tried to contain myself and not show too much of it yet on the net since I'm planning on taking official beautiful dreamy/scary pro pictures of it.


"Beauty is only skin deep, Ugliness is to the bone" - Ireneo Ciamella.

I don't know what the EF he's talking about cause he's gorgeous himself.

Screw ugliness, we don't need it. What I do know, is that the site I once saw as an unfinished try out prototype is up on DA NET, NOW YES NOW VERY NOW AND WOW, omg it's way too late. Anyway, I love the cursive blue pen writing all over and his portrait study slash figure drawing is quite lovely, full of big angry faced ladies in bright colours and tough lining. Year 2 is very cute, Year 3 is sassy to the bone, and Year 4? can't wait. Though may I bragg, and I have seen part of it already MWAHAHA. Just....check the site up would ya?



I've done things you've only dreamt about

As I start this post I realise it starts looking kind of like one of those tragic fairy tales, with all these bright colours, big lights, sparkles and of course the sacrificed kid. All very Hansel & Gretel-ish. They all left the house; my sister is at a friend's, my mom is having dinner with a gurlfriend, and Rene is having a squash evening with a pal. They all found a path and here I am still sitting on my ass trying to build mine. I don't get to see yet what it'll be like, but here's at least a sneak peak of what might take me there. I've been listening to Johannes Rojola and The Sounds' records on loop the whole afternoon and I can't help to get all goosebumpy and nostalgic. RAKASTAN SINUA, SUOMI. I guess it can only be good to have these sort of feelings while being in a creative process. Though I might add, thoughts can come and go so fast it drives me crazy; so many issues, so many lines to make, so many things to glue, so many things, so many things to fix, so many things to still be created. I had never felt more like a ciggie before INHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE, EXHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE AAAAAAAH what a nice feeling. I still don't like my hair long and I hope it will be gone by monday. But enought of fantasies and back to reality. I'll manage to put some good shit together.