Keep holding my hand. It's so we don't get separated

DISGRACE! summer is here, and it's already fucking with me.

Previously in winter, I could have gone to this gorgeous park 2 blocks away from my house, in a coconut bra and zebra print latex pants if I wanted to, but as the weather gets warmer, my beautiful private park as I like to think of it, gets more full of my detested buurmeisjes and jongens. SORRY hunnies, but I have tried...I have tried hard to not be cynical, to be tolerant, to "adapt", TO NOT MAKE FUN OF YOUR HORRIBLE SENSE OF STYLE, to ignore, but I've just had it with all these hillbillies. Can you believe it? nowadays one can't even get in between the bushes to snap a couple of cute artsy pictures because the little idiots are all around feeling hot, cool, brave and ready to pick up a fight.

ANYWAY, I should not even be wasting my time writing about them BUT about these 2 adorable creations that were given to me today. Yes, I did not even buy them, I totally upgraded the second hand gem finding business. To not make the story too long, what happened is the following: I woke up, felt generous, took a handful of old clothes I did not want in my closet anymore and gave them away at the mega second hand store I discovered 2 days ago nearby my school. As I get ready to go out, I had a look at the clothes section and there they were, not even far from each other, like they had been put together there for me. I did not hesitate of course to ask for the price though I didn't have any money. "Well the jacket is 9 and the sweater is 3.....but since you brought so many clothes just take them with you" and KABOOM went my heart!!! It completely made my day, considering the fact I was already getting mentally prepared to let them go.

It's funny how it always goes like this, as winter ends, you start findind exactly all the stuff you were craving for during the cold times AND the other way around with summer clothes; during winter you just feel like wearing that hawt bikini already!.

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