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And this my dears is the look of failure last monday.

Ok ok, not literally because my lovely model girl Gwen looked fantastical in the dress I specially made to fall perfectly on her body.

One thing I do know now is that I will never plan parties ever again. Working while you're suposed to be partying is just not right. Perhaps partying while you're suposed to be working on your dress asignment is even worse. But hey I'VE LEARNT MY LESSON. That's maybe why I'm still being so harsh on myself, I know I could do it, and I can still. I just need to do my thang and stop listening to what everyonelse has to say about my design. At the end is all very risky, so instead of going with the flow and supporting the unknown, people rather reject it and stick to the safer image of it iin their heads.




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Oleg from the fine arts department at the academy made these. I spotted him down the halls carrying them around and I could just not snap a photo. Shoot, I even wanted to buy one of them for Ce's b-day as a gift, but he seems to be way too attached to his work still and the prices that he spat out really knocked me off the whole deal.


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#1 Me heading to Amsterdam at Hollandspoor.

#2 One of the many ridiculously named stores at the Wrold Fashion Centre. I'm sure their sells do wonderfully with such an attarctive and seductive store concept.

#3 Vampire? Goth? Punk? Emo kid?......I really didn't know how to tag him, which I found quite interesting. He was all of them and wasn't at the same time. Vampire or not, I scouted him anyway at central station in Amsterdam while he just waited for his friend and posed for the rest of people who would just stare (which is quite something for people like us at central station). Even though it ain't a really good picture of him (cause he's trully pretty), I thought I'm gonna start building up my own private model catalogue for those times when you really need them and noone seems nice enough to model for you.


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I like these soooooooooo much. This is obviously me in all of them drawings made by my classmates during our fashion drawing lessons. There are plenty of really fun excercices that we do lesson after lesson including this one in which we pose in a certain way for each other. So it was finally my turn and because I had worked the evening before at the bar (table dancin u knooooooow so tiring) I was kinda worn out so it was nice to just stand there and wait for the 25 replicas of you. VERY EXCITING.

Though I kinda have to admit that after 5 minutes of my literally "laid back" pose, my abs were burning like sausages on a grill.


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Drooling over all these two weeks ago at the fur lab in Amsterdam. The people from the Fur Works are the biggest and most relevant group dealing with fur in Holland which makes them top of the bill when it comes to adquiring fur. The Fur Works are also sponsoring me for the making of my dress which has to deal with fur, not entirely or in a big percentage, but it does. I guess I'm just lucky to be a special case in the sense that I am the only first year student to ever ask for their sponsorship for an asignment.

Kun (not sure if the spelling is right here), who's the one in charge at their office at the world fashion centre is also a very nice and laid back guy who made it all happen easy breazy and beautifully for me. My biggest thanks for him!



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It was way too warm for such a big coat, and way too nice to stay inside.
We chilled at the park in front of school for the first time ever since we met each other and started school *tear*.
Here's where we spent our first days.




Just studying my wardrobe for our new asignment: The Trenchcoat.

I have to have 20 different designs in drawings for our design coach and head of department, Erik Verdonck to see tomorrow. I'm really excited about this one.
Now off to draw!

PS!. I just noticed that my green coat has a huge and disgusting grease spot on the sleeve! haha eeeeeeew, I guess hiding while eating at the burger king isn't secretive enough, next time I'll have to be more carefull about such evidence!


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#1 Another big K amazing found. Prada for HTM *giggles*

#2 My favourite magazine. The first issue I ever bought was @ Colette in Paris and ever since I got back in Holland I could find it nowhere. It's a new magazine anyway so I guess they needed a couple of months to get fired up interntionally. Now I can find it at the train station near my house yaaaay. The articles and designer reviews/interviews are delicious.

#3 H&M 40 e. Pleather pants for only 9 e. I'm not sure about the fit yet but it was a good deal. I can always bring them back. And in one hand I feel like: did I just buy pleather? but on the other I'm like: what the hell, I don't own any other pleather nothing so for this time it's ok. Besides it does the trick. I like how if you roll them up the inside is sort of jersey'ish and the contrast makes it sort of Alexander WanK(s)-like. I wish he works his magic someday for men. But as everyonelse, I bet he will go all minimal, classic and BO-HO-RINGGGGGGGGGGGGG, so stick to the gals Wank.

#4 CENTIPEDE BRACELET! How much awesomer can it get? it can't. I found this babe at HIGH TECH which is a goth store I'm kinda becoming addicted to.

I think I'll wear these sweetiepies altogether tomorrow. TOODLES X.


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I'm at school, just painted this. I think this is the first time I paint something in this lesson that I actually like. You see painting ain't quite my thing, but I guess it's all about practising and knowing how to flow along with the paint.


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The Fifth Element makes a comeback HOLLERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and I'm tellin ya, it ain't by Gaultier this time.

Photos by Marco van Rijt for ELLE blog.
Marco is suposed to be at school at the moment? and not attending to all the amazing shows during Paris fashion week right now unlike the rest of us.
Haha kiddin,
Good job M!



Lately I keep on running into all kinds of eye/eye-ball graphics everywhere. I'm just letting y'all know. I PREDICT IT!!!!! Next season will be all about eye ballzzz!! and if not, I'll make it at least my next project's base concept; pitty we'll be restricted to build our trenchoats at school out of Gabardine only. I had so many ideas already. On the other hand if we all work it good, and end up with very strong designs, it might look very nice altogether the day of the show.

This print was quite romantic yet mysterious. It was so small and fragile, but so strong and piercing. The only reason why I didnt' buy it was because I knew if this babe would've gone in the washing machine only once, them pretty eyes would have disappeared rigth away.

I took a nice and detailed pic for all of our own eyes' sake instead

PS. yes, it's from the big K. In fact, it might still be hanging there if anyone's interested.




This is Gwen. i met her about 2 weeks ago? at Ciccionina where I work ocassionally or well, once in the week. She's new there and actually one of the few with whom I've actually clicked. I told her about what I did and studied, my actual projects including my dress and she was very excited; and since she happened to be gorgeous and have that strange beauty that I love I just asked her to be my mode and she agreed.

We're both really excited about the dress which means I should really get my ass to do some work and get it GO-INNNNNNNNNNNNNNG. But I will I will.

Experimentig is almost wrapped up, I got a model, measurements, and I will be probably getting some real FUR this upcoming friday. It's all good.



The model himself was so weird and kept on moving nervously every 5 seconds.  The teacher has been a bit distant when it comes to giving me her feedback while drawing and I don't know wether that's a good or a bad sign. Still I'm proud of my traces.

PS. he wasn't this pretty either.



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So these are the wonders and advantages of having too much in way too small space. Ever since I moved in with Ce, both of our closets have been growing like uncontrolable  mutants. We don't know anymore wherelse to stuff things and how to arrange every single collectible item in the rigth way to still have a spacious-looking area. And because he could not fit, or take in & out one more jacket in his jackets rack, I inherited a couple of magical pieces that I had always drooled for.

# 1 and  #2 are just Big K miracles from last week. And even though I love the big K, and it's like my second home this far, I told myself I would try not to go as often this month as in february (though I was there 2 days ago pfff). I got enough material for this month. period.