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GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Spotted her today at the library. Ussually when I see these gorgeous people walking down the street I hestitate to ask them anything and wonder wether they're going to be total sweethearts or real bitch divas. But she practically made me throw myself over the rest of the dumbos going up on the electric stairs. As I reached her, I loved her even more. She's got this very sophisticated but mysterious vibe and well, I just felt like buying her coffee. Of course that didn't happen, but I DID get her # so that'll do it for now.

Did I also mention what she wore? let's say the secretary PRADA look? but not 00's, more from the 1996's. Petit pearl earrings, long black wool trench, just right above the ankle, square tip shoe, chunky heel, small square long strap leather bag and lots of red lipstick as our favourite cherry on top. This girl was serious bliss.

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  1. omg, I love her! I always see here in The Hague and she always looks so good. I love her outfits. she is the first woman I've seen I think who makes smoking sexy