So today I woke up and I had so many lovely plans of the things I could do that I've been postponing for sometime.

Mostly after the BEAUTY AND THE GEESE post I've felt even more obliged...no NOT obliged but MOTIVATED to do things I could post around here to show to the people who left such sweet comments! like the ANONYMOUS kids and Vince, Andrew and Raisa; but somehow the universe, planets and stars having an influence on me today were not really in the same line as me.

Fix wardrobe
make pictures of it
make my daily outfit photo
come back in
post them photos
SKYPE with Ivania about the exciting past and upcoming events and plans
go to 1646's gallery and talk about my upcoming internship at theirs
and then some HW.

woke up at 11......................the weather was amazing btw.
had brunch with bf at Scallywags
went to the Gemeeente Museum to check out the Mode "loves" Kunst (Fashion loves Art) exhibition.
had drinks at the photography museum right next to it.
went to 1646, internship arranged!
then back home
then off for dinner at Vapiano with Irri and bf...was delish!
then back home again + more drinks!
AND AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some blogging!

I only hate that most of the things I wanted to do today were photo related and I realised right in the morning when I wanted to make my daily outfit picture that I had left my camera at the restaurant where I just started working at! so I've seen amazing things since the moment I woke up, here at home right across the water, till the time I've been in town eating and having drinks at different spots!

Thank god for the iphone generation and my bf who has one, so I managed to make some shots still of some stuff I saw. The two photos here above where things I saw and took a picture of right after I got my camera back.

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