So as I did the usual and daily round within the blogosphere, I bumped across these two pictures on my sister's blog, which first of all are both self-portraits taken by her (is that redundant? I think so...but I'm not sure...), and second, look like stills from an amazing 90's rebel teen movie you'd REALLY want to watch...

...God knows I would.

And well, talking about blogs you'd really like to watch, read or HEAR, yes you hurd well girl HEAR, here's another treasure I've discovered lately and just cannot get enough of. I've been telling everyone around me about it so I thought it was worthy to spread the word around here too.

by Alexi
The modern age cupid girl who'll give you a cyber pep talk in the form of a slap in the face in the form of a blog.

If you happen to be lost in BOYville and also struggle once in a while with sex, girlfriends, parents, jealousy or if the guy you're dating atm is being weirdo or a total douche, MESSAGE THIS GIRL,  she'll reply to you for SURE and probably you'll get feedback from tons of girls who will feel identified with this certain issue of yours. In fact I'm listening to IMBOYCRAZY radio _right_ now, therefore my intro about being able to HEAR or listen to this blog. You sob, she listens.

It's bananas.

And no, I do not struggle with any of the previously mentioned (at least not now) but if you're a boy with boy-problemzzz, believe me you will not be the first gay boy adressing her this far so GO for it!

I love it. And I love how all this insightful information about the young femenine way of thinking has widened my view on straight world, their issues and how complicated men-women relationships can be I mean gosh.

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