1. Seed, pearl, black enamel, diamond cross pendant........I mean PLEASE...
2. Saint Laurent Fall 13 ermine fur coat, ROCK 'N ROYAL.
3. Céline crossbody shopper bag.
4. Axolotl albino, my new favorite alien on earth!
5. Sky Ferreira's new album NIGHT TIME, MY TIME (released yesterday).
6. Lil Kim's HARDCORE mixtape (coming out tomorrow).
7. One week trip to Berlin!

So tomorrow's my birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! and every birthday, just like every christmas, is followed by a wishlist! wether realistic or not, it's very important you make them anyway...wishes don't just come true from one day to the other, and therefore the power of wishlists and vision boards should NEVER be underestimated.

Although this year my family is quite busy around this time, and my plans throughout this whole weekend are with close friends only, wishes from #4 till #7 will be coming true during these next couple of weeks! #1 to #3 I'll be aiming for once my carreer takes off and my disposable income is decent, fat and juicy! Sky's album already came out yesterday and the wait was definitely NOT in vain. She delivered a beautiful synth pop set of 12 songs with a heavy rocky flow a la SUICIDE (1970's electronic protopunk band).

Lil Kim's HARDCORE mixtape is coming out tomorrow and I can't believe the so anticipated comeback of the Queen of Rap is finally here! just for me!

Next week my bf is taking me to Berlin for a 6-day birthday trip (HOW will I ever top thissssssss?!?!?!) so if you live in Berlin or you will be there any day from the 7th till the 12th HOLLER! and feel free to guide us around.

The Axolotl albino is a beautiful lizzard-gone-fish creature I was only introduced to yesterday while accidentally visiting the pet store. I literally felt 5 again cause all I could think of was: I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!! it's surprisingly quite a low-maintenance pet and extremly entertaining to watch.



I've moved adresses from: hhholy.blogspot.com TO www.holyspice.com !

- xx -


wearing bf's leather jacket, handmade vintage leather hat, DIY ACNE shilo bag, DIY barbwire print tee.

photos by Cedric.

You all probably don't know this but Halloween is always a big deal for me cause, my birthday is on the same date! so ever since I was very little, my birthday has always been one big dress up party. I guess in that case growing up with costumes in my closet and wearing them as my daily wear really made me who I am today.

Last night I went to a reaaaaaaaally fun Halloween party, at my friend's club PIP which is really near my house. I was going to be in charge of door-bitchin' at the VIP's backstage area. And if there's one thing I know for sure, is that door bitches need to BRING IT everytime, cause some of my friends, such as the gorgeous Gianni Bab, do it often and he for example looks like a million dollars every single time at his door.

So I'm no prfessional make-up artist or nothing like that! but I did my best with this Maori tribal tattoo inspired look which I paired with a lot of leather, my favorite chain strap ACNE DIY bag and this t-shirt which I made the same night of the party hours before going. So I guess you could call this an unintentional new DIY too!...as for instructions, there's not much to it: you just need a plain white t-shirt, thin and thick black textile markers (which you can get at any hobby store) and your drawing skills!!

I went for a realistic type of drawing with this barbwire motif with a lot of shade from my graduation collection (which I was dying to do for myself) but you can always go for something simpler and more 2D if you don't feel so sure about your drawing skills. But try it! it's a lot of fun and super easy. DO make a try out first on another piece of jersey (or whatever fabric you're drawing on) before you start on the real thing to see how the fabric sucks in the ink and to get used to the textile markers if you never worked with them before.

Happy Halloween to everyone, and your costumes better kick ass this year too!

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I'm so happy everytime I finally have a title for my every blog post.

Such titles don't just come out of nowhere and it's really important to me that each of them represent or stand for something I've seen or heard lately that trully marked me.

This one right here stands for a very brutal but strong line miss Naomi Campbell dropped on THE FACE (USA, altho UK is so much better!) to her finalist china porcelain doll Zi Lin. It wasn't anymore about competing towards the challenge, but competing against her fellow finalists; they were no longer her housemates nor the sweet girls who also made it to the finals...they were her rivals and the pray.

Now, I'm not after killing anybody anytime soon around here! but considering the moment and place I'm at right now, I just feel like Naomi talked to me. There's no time to waste, and I need to nail and kill everything I'm good at like it's never been killed before.

These pictures right here are my favorite shots, from one of my favorite editorials going around at the moment. Styling is immaculate and they just stand for everything I feel and am into right now. It's sophisticated androginy, fearless vision and a certain high-brow attitude that I'm secretly loving. Check the rest of the story here.



Here two songs, on repeat on my home playlists, ipod, phone and mind.....

The Madonna circa 2009, aka Ray of Light era, and Janet Jackson reminiscence in both songs is perfect and just tiny curious references that pop in my mind while listening to these. It wouldn't be completely fair to define Twig's flow so drastically by things I've heard before, although that's just how our brain works everytime something new strikes and excites us. Because if there's anyone at the moment decomposing and reconstructing a new sound that's this girl right here.

BUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE VIDEOS?! so tastefully simple and yet so full of emotion also make up for the gap that an old school Björk stopped constantly filling at some point which GaGa pretends to be working on.

It's simple, but it's not that simple.

The pictures are just unreleased options from that spring trends report I once did for Iv on Love Aesthetics. Check the rest here.



One mistake is all it takes...sometimes for magic to happen.

Although it's just an orthopedic shoe we're talking about here, I've been obsessing over the idea of owning/wearing these weirdly platformed sneakers and sandals ever since my boo Izzy from The Dandy Project did his latest "cutie of the month" post (as I like to call them) on Ricky Pedaline. Check the heavenly post here.

I'd love to either put all accentuation on the sandals by wearing high-tech colorful Nike socks or maybe put none at all by just wearing black socks vs. busy prints on top and shorts/pants; have them be something for the second sighters.

Re-creating Margiela outfits from their 2011 couture collection wouldn't be a bad idea either. Mostly since the shoes for that collection were pretty much tabis covered with Margielafied sporty socks, aka YESSSSSSSSSSSSS. Okay enough fantasizing, I hope to get my hands on a pair of the z-coil extravaganzas at least by next summer, considering the price and the non-european shipping issue.



This weekend I took a break from the city and came down south to my Momma, home sweet home.

It's always good to be back, be spoilt, eat eat eat, watch movies and not worry about the TO DO list nor about the whatever you will wear to the opening of the whatever...

Good grounding convos with my mom always do me good to keep me focused and see things even clearerER; the type of clarity and focus you usually miss in the rush of the city routine. The title of this post in that case is one of the coolest things/questions she formulated as we talked yesterday. It can be applied to so many things, people, situations.

Are you a pearl keeper or do you waste them sometimes too?

Have a lovely sunday <3



1 Silver
2 Theatre National de Chaillot
3 The biggest most gorgeous appartment I've ever been to 
4 Theatre National de Chaillot
5 Louvre
6 Tuileries
7 Chartier
8 Tuileries
9 Outside TOMORROW showroom rue du Mail
10 Outside TOMORROW showroom rue du Mail
11 Crowne Plaza Place de la Republique

Here my last trip to Paris and 1,455,768nth comeback!

...I know I have a comeback every couple of weeks but this time is for real!

Lately I had so many ideas on how to continue to do things differently on the blog (you know that) that it made no sense to keep on posting in the good old format.

Paris in that case helped me a lot to see things in this new lovely but clearer perspective. Fashion week, excessive foies gras eating, gorgeous wine bottles and the heat (YES it was september and we were literally boiling) were all causes of my sleepless nights in the city of romance this last time...and I guess I am to thank them all for it. No sleep trully meant: one on one with myself, creative confrontation and a very needed decision-making process.


So, I'm still keeping you all up to date with my thoughts, still dreamy, cute and informative but with a little bit more depth and focus from now on.