1.FKA twigs x inc.
2. images out Teen Angels magazine.

It seems like every FKA twigs video will have a dedicatory post from me around here. And is it just me or this girl is incapable of failing musically?!

Although you all might have experienced this video already (IN HD I HOPE), I just needed to talk about it. Too many of us see things nowadays, love them, but never pay hommage to them or the people behind these great creations that touch our senses. IT'S NEEDED to do so! genius people need to continue to do genius things and they need our encouragement. Share it, don't keep it to yourself, dare to flash your inner groupie once in a while...it will be appreciated.

I love the atmospheres she creates with each of her videos. In this one I just feel like being at that house with the three of them, smoking it and dancing in the desert around the fire in slo mo. A small gang so beautifully romanticized. This is exactly the kind of video that makes you feel like hopping in a car with your favorite people and just getting lost in a ghost town.........hopefully where houses have pools, XL bbq's, monster sound systems and 24 hours liquor stores.

"Teen Angels magazineThe Voice of the Varrio Since 1979. Made in Los Angeles, Teen Angels was first published in 1981 and featured Chicano gang graffiti, artwork, poetry, fashion, photographs of readers, obituaries and articles on topics like teen pregnancy and relationships. As mentioned by 12oz prophet, the later issues contain more disturbing subjects—babies throwing gang signs, gang bangin’ girls, weapons pictures—as well as some sick low-rider artworks, typographic pages and touching poems from dudes locked down for life. A 1992 Los Angeles Times article reports that police used Teen Angels magazine as a training guide to learn gangs fashion trends and graffiti tags. It was banned in Ventura Schools.

...Although Teen Angels prints anti-violence and anti-drug slogans, authorities say the magazine glorifies street gangs and their violent lifestyle. …" -Kelly Rakowski.

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