OKAY okay I know you've probably seen this kind of post all over the blogosphere already but deal with it.

Just one of those days you can be so happily trapped in tragedy? let me explain......

On my way to school earlier I locked myself out of my house with tons of school stuff with me, books, pencil cases, magazines lalala bla bla but this also meant I couldn't even unlock my bike to go to school and warm up meanwhile my bf got home in the evening. So while freezing I try to come up with a way to walk and drag all my school mess at the same time when this guy taps my shoulder (scares the shit out of me) and hands me this huge H&M box and asks me to sign his delivery machine thingy.

I couldn't have dropped everything I had in hands faster, and as he walks away I drop on my knees and start acting like it was christmas all up in my street. TO BE QUITE EFFIN HONEST it was such a sweet surprise of my boyfriend (who cashed all the goodies) to besides getting me the keychain collier and bracelet ALSO managed to snatch a silver candy wrap bag online, altogether for my b-day!

As I had ripped open everything in the box (including his items) I realised I had even more bagagge than before. I walked around the corner and borrowed this monster ladder from the guys at the wood factory (yes this is my neigborhood) whom were completely freaked out by my looks, presence and could not believe I could carry the whole thing back and forth on my own (me either actually).

Finally I climbed up my balcony, or well, first mistook my balcony with the neighbor's and ended up in the wrong house. ALL OF THIS in cashmere, leather and suede shoes WHATS UP.


  1. I have no words, just love

  2. That is hilarious! But at least you have some "free" Margiela goodies to enjoy! What an awesome boyfriend you have! (:


  3. I just laughed out loud :)