If we were to rationalise this whole situation we could say this is about a poor animal which landed on the wrong spot downtown and is now trapped with no water around to be able to take off and fly away.

BUT if we were to romanticise it, this could also be the perfect stage for Lana del Rey video or the metaphore for a movie's main character in which she simply sees nowhere to go anymore and has nightmares of being this swan trapped in her own life; stuck with a bunch fat and ugly cops and a guy dressed in orange who picks up trash for a living and actually couldn't care less about her beautiful existence.

As I'm dealing with a lot of ideal ways of thinking and romanticising life on my thesis, I couldn't help but STOP and freeze my fingers to death by making pictures of this situation last thursday, which I seemed to be the only one to consider as magical.

On friday, during my drawing lessons the swan was unconsciously still stuck in my head and it just revealed itself like any other drawing I'm proud of has done in the past.

ps. some of you have asked me recently where do I spot all the good music.... and well it comes from everywhere really. Sometimes I shazam things at stores, events, parties....sometimes my friends post amazing ones on facebook too, sometimes people I follow on twitter do the same....sometimes I end up on great blogs by accident which serve good links too...The secret is: if you like it, write it down! either on your phone or on that little notebook you always keep in your bag. Cause we always think "I'll remember it when I get home" and no you won't.

x x x x x x

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  1. I love your drawing, it is much better than mine. I drew Perez Hilton the other day when he was megz obese and had acne all over his face lulz.

    and also I have been trying to find this song -_- awesome.