Entering the second floor.

It all seems so pretty and lovable around. To have fell from teenage heaven doesn't hurt that much anymore.

2011 was, is still and will be a good year! for me! everyone!


During the whole time I spent without a memory card while my sis Lucci was here, I didn't really pay attention to how many times she actually snapped pictures with her phone of us and us doing silly shit.

1. & 2. View from the silkscreen classroom at school (I LOVE THESE TWO!).
3. & 4. Me rapping while my fabric dried.
8. a sooooo very 90's picture of me. It really could have been a still from a 90's music video...those trance music ones shot in "laboratories" or factories haha.
9. & 10. The day we paid 3 euros 50 cents for 2 Ice Mochaccinos and 2 capuccino muffins!

Thanx to Lucci
< 3



I should've been at home last night finishing my costume instead of dressing up like a plastic surgery patient and partying on sky-high impossible shoes.

But my costume's model cancelled me less than a week before the final presentation and monday is my birthday, so I needed to forgive AND FORGET.

I found a possible new model AT the party (KA-CHINGGGGGGGGG see? I HAD to go out) who was dressed like the Black Swan and actually has a really dutch face, but somehow I saw some Mexican Frida potential in thur.




Last night Lucci left to Amsterdam for what might have been her first night out, in another city, by herself. So exciting! I can still remember the first time I went out 4real!

She's been invited by a couple of 15 y/o chicks from her tumblr network of cyberfriends whom all happen to have blogs you wish you could come up with.

For all this I styled her for the big night and this femme version of Snoop Dog is what came out. It's funny cause the whole outfit ended up having a heavy ghetto vibe but you couldn't really point out what it was. MUST BE HER SWAAAAAAAAG.

She said her outfit literally killed it, and she hasn't slept till this very moment so I can't wait for her to get back with all the details.

Black sleeveless chiffon dress
"2" cropped white top
Black and white checkered goat fur coat
"2" Pleather quilted vest
Black vintage leather bag
And shoes from my last collection which she got as a gift from me.


Here's some more real-life pics of what goes down in GIULIA-WORLD.

As every other friday we wrap up the day and the whole week with tons of drawings. It's the most lovable and honest moment of the whole week. So light and personal.

The only difference is: Lucci was here this time to document the whole thing.

The Frida Kahlo drawing is an A2 illustration I've been working on for my ethnic costume presentation next wednesday. It's completely finished now
and bangin'. The rest of the drawings were from the first part of the lesson for which we had a black male model with a super long rasta pony-tail; the last one being Lucci's version of what we were all looking at...haha check out that arm!



This is some sort of "my first pics" pt. 2.

1. Some raggity guy we saw right outside the media markt. His t-shirt was a dream; hole-y and transparent-worn out. His hair?...was MY dream. I don't know if it was greasy, dead or just wet, but the tips had an identity of their own and it was just....perfect.

2. @ SKETCH Department Store.



The first pic in this post is actually the first pic I took with the new memory stick. I don't think I had ever been this excited about such a small piece of plastic. You can actually see my desperation on how I repeatedly tried to open the package...and then I repeatedly failed, so I had to ask the security guy for scissors cause once I started to bite the package I knew I needed help.

OH! and this coat BTW!...was an oldie I had stored in my wardrobe, which sort of became that piece you look at and you're always like: YES! THIS ONE!,and then you put it on and you're like:....nope. I was trying to resemble a full-length double-breasted ACNE gray woolen coat from a season ago but instead it was always just 80's mom.

Today I grabbed it again, I shook it and asked it: WHY WONT YOU WORK?!?!?!? and then, really silently it pointed out with it's eyes to my belts....and whispered: ...tie me up.

And TADAH, I had a waist; 80's mom died and a 90's one was born.



 Me making homework on a sunny sunday afternoon.

I thought I would show myself for once and as a start as a regular person with actual things to do, you know? and BREAK THAT BLOG BUBBLE.

Things might get exciting or extremly boring.

But YOU sweet baby readers had asked for it so here I go.

You already have a video of me dancing as a start; Now a picture of me in my SUNDAY outfit, making homework.

How human is THAT?



1. This combo literally took my breath away and make me feel like hanging from that light forever.

2. I still can't make any photos which I HATE but LOVE because now all I can finally post all these lost and forgotten files.

3. I'm mad for super ecstatic and explosive songs at the moment.

4. REALLY excited about "2" and Salon 3!!

5. Britney SUCKED.




So as I did the usual and daily round within the blogosphere, I bumped across these two pictures on my sister's blog, which first of all are both self-portraits taken by her (is that redundant? I think so...but I'm not sure...), and second, look like stills from an amazing 90's rebel teen movie you'd REALLY want to watch...

...God knows I would.

And well, talking about blogs you'd really like to watch, read or HEAR, yes you hurd well girl HEAR, here's another treasure I've discovered lately and just cannot get enough of. I've been telling everyone around me about it so I thought it was worthy to spread the word around here too.

by Alexi
The modern age cupid girl who'll give you a cyber pep talk in the form of a slap in the face in the form of a blog.

If you happen to be lost in BOYville and also struggle once in a while with sex, girlfriends, parents, jealousy or if the guy you're dating atm is being weirdo or a total douche, MESSAGE THIS GIRL,  she'll reply to you for SURE and probably you'll get feedback from tons of girls who will feel identified with this certain issue of yours. In fact I'm listening to IMBOYCRAZY radio _right_ now, therefore my intro about being able to HEAR or listen to this blog. You sob, she listens.

It's bananas.

And no, I do not struggle with any of the previously mentioned (at least not now) but if you're a boy with boy-problemzzz, believe me you will not be the first gay boy adressing her this far so GO for it!

I love it. And I love how all this insightful information about the young femenine way of thinking has widened my view on straight world, their issues and how complicated men-women relationships can be I mean gosh.



I almost felt like running up to her and saying: VISUALLY, YOU MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!

The way her hair subtly blended into the colour of her outfit was delicious; but it were DEFO the roots which made it all look as if the blonde was melting off her head and had dripped all over her clothing.

The best part must be that, she probably doesn't even know how GENIOUS her look is and can't wait till her cousin bleaches her far gone black roots again.



*While @ Pizza Hut* (hahahaha)

19.00-ish PM

SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is something that probably only my dutch viewers can get to understand....or probably not even.

But a small intro for the internationals: This girl calls herself 'Barbie', and judging by what I saw personally tonight, SHE TRULLY IS. She is one of the main and loveliest members of the dutch version of Jersey Shore which was launched not long after the americans and the whole world was practically shouting for MORE!

In person she's actually ten times sweeter and cuter!! she would'nt stop re-touching her make up and brushing her hair right after I asked her on the picture. She was extremly flattered; I think I lost count of the amount of times she smiled back at me while dinner.

This is just such a HUGE closure point for me, considering the fact that my last year's collection was based on BRITNEY and girls like BARBIE. So in between seeing her face to face tonight, and being only a couple of hours away from attending Britney Spears FEMME FATALE tour I know I'm closer to the end of what this whole chapter was about and like Jay-Z said: ON TO THE NEXT ONE, ON TO THE NEXT ONE.